Warehousing Vision Study

Warehouse leaders are turning to technology to address critical challenges and prepare for the rapidly expanding on-demand marketplace.

Tech that enhances human capabilities and drives modernization

Zebra Technologies commissioned a global research study to analyze the trends and challenges that are transforming warehousing operations.

The study asked 1,403 IT and operational decision makers from manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, post and parcel delivery, and wholesale distribution industries for their insights on current and planned strategies for modernizing their warehouses, distribution centers and fulfillment centers from 2019-2024.

State of the industry

Warehousing, distribution and fulfillment operations are undergoing a modern-day makeover as they transform to meet the growing demands of the world’s instant gratification, on-demand economy. Faced with an evolving omnichannel landscape, ever-increasing volumes, faster delivery requirements and a global shortage of workers, industry leaders must modernize to keep pace.

Turning the Supply Chain Upside Down Consumers’ seemingly insatiable demands for 24/7 product search and purchase have upended the supply chain, impacting manufacturers, retailers and the warehousing operations that serve their needs.

The digital revolution also has far-reaching implications for business-to-business enterprises who need to quickly produce, store and ship inventory with pin-point precision. The “I want it now” mentality stretches across all industries and requires savvy leaders to effectively manage the bottom line and deliver a solid return on investment (ROI) while keeping customers satisfied.

Respondents to Zebra’s Warehousing Vision Study cited the need to modernize operations by deploying innovative technologies that drive positive outcomes.

The study found that 40% of respondents reported an increase in consumer demand as a top driver for growth. Over one-third of those surveyed stated that shorter order lead times are fueling their expansion plans and causing them to rethink their strategies.

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Warehousing Vision Study
Warehouse leaders are turning to technology to address critical challenges and prepare for the rapidly expanding on-demand marketplace.
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