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Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in the Supply Chain & Logistics World
This past International Women’s Day 2021, ProShip connected with three exceptional partners to celebrate female leaders in the supply chain and logistics industry.
Business Leaders Voice the Economic Impact of COVID-19
While the impacts of COVID-19 varied between advanced and developing economies, business leaders across the board identified some common features that helped countries remain resilient.
5 Forces Shaping New Leadership Expectations of Chief Executive Officers
The New Rules of Leadership: How can leaders juggle these evolving expectations while successfully leading their companies into the future?
Making the Case for the Next-Generation of Global Supply Chain Leadership
Global supply chains face the risk of not having the right talent for an uncertain, volatile future. Caltech CTME's custom executive programs help some of the world's best companies engineer their supply chains and talent to win. In...

Leadership Resources

What the Thriving Supply Chain Professional Needs to Succeed
This report documents the findings of Kiaxis's annual survey, which this year set out to discover what supply...
Aligning People, Process & Technology
This paper separates people, process & technology and breaks down some of the key challenges associated with each, along...

Leadership News

4flow NEVA® – Rapid Modeling and Analysis of Supply Chain Networks
Businesses dependent on transportation benefit from having an agile supply chain, however, agile network design requires visibility over the entire network – a challenge without suitable software, this is where the supply chain modeling software 4flow NEVA® (Network Exploration, Visualization and Analysis) can help. It enables quick and easy interactive visualization and analysis of your baseline network structures within a few minutes.

Leadership and Talent Development Are Important To Supply Chain Professionals
Today, as work shifts back to the office, many leaders and employees alike are experiencing concerns about getting “back to normal” after two years of remote or hybrid work.

What the Thriving Supply Chain Professional Needs to Succeed
This report documents the findings of Kiaxis's annual survey, which this year set out to discover what supply chain professionals need to succeed – to thrive – in their careers, and while the answers may appear quite simple, as with many things, the devil is in the details.

Meet the Future of Supply Chain Management
On this episode, we meet Gabriel Segura and Arjith Jagannathan, two Purdue industrial engineering majors eyeing supply chain management careers. Peerless Media editor Bob Trebilcock hosts.

Talking Supply Chain Podcast: Insights on Leaders - The Top 25
On this episode, Gartner’s Mike Griswold discusses this year’s list of the Top 25 Supply Chains. SCMR’s Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock hosts.

Aligning People, Process & Technology
This paper separates people, process & technology and breaks down some of the key challenges associated with each, along with the solutions for aligning them.

5 Reasons Business Transformations are Doomed to Fail
Companies are too often nearsighted when it comes to identifying challenges, business transformation isn’t about managing the gaps - it’s about preventing them.

The Continuous Evolution of Business Practices
This issue of Advanced Resources HR Insights features analyses and suggestions that can help your organization manage the uncertainty that lies ahead as business practices continue to evolve.

Work Matters: Diving into Business Transformation
In this issue of Work Matters, the goal is to help leaders understand that each company’s transformation path is its own, based on its unique challenges, business goals, and market opportunities.

Talking Supply Chain Podcast: The Power of Employee Engagement?
On this episode, COO Simon Rakosi discusses why engaged employees are more productive and less likely to leave. SCMR’s Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock hosts.

Key Takeaways and Reflections from the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo Americas
The most successful supply chain leaders are designing business and technology strategies around mitigating risk and navigating uncertain environments with agility, and above all this, the most widely talked about topic for the event was sustainability.

Stressed-Out Supply Chain Managers Looking Elsewhere for Career Development
According to various reports, the separation rate increased by 28% last year, and supply chain ‘burnout’ spurred people to search for higher-paying jobs.

ASCM’s 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report
The 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report show a bright outlook for those in the supply chain, with the salary gap narrowing for people of color and women at public companies, salary and compensation increases, and high job satisfaction.

Company Culture Counts
This white paper details how to achieve higher supply chain performance through a values-based culture model.

Talking Supply Chain Podcast: How To Become A Supply Chain Rock Star
On this episode, Stanley Fawcett and Michael Knemeyer share what supply chain managers can learn from rock’s best-known drummers. SCMR's Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock hosts.

Supply Chain Ecommerce Logistics Leader Series
Co-written by Adrian Gonzalez, president of Adelante SCM, and Mike Glodziak, president & CEO of LEGACY Supply Chain Services, this ecommerce logistics leader series describes how you can get to market faster, by leveraging your existing network, resources, and relationships to their fullest potential as well as how you can use logistics as a competitive weapon.

Significant Leadership Appointments Position Trimble for the Next Stage of Explosive Growth
Trimble, an industrial technology company transforming the way the world works, announces the appointments of Jennifer Lin as Chief Platform and Dr. Poppy Crum as Chief Technology Officer.

Talking Supply Chain Podcast: Diversity and Inclusion in the Supply Chain
On this episode, Christian Dow and Katie Richards talk about new research into supply chain diversity. SCMR’s Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock hosts.

The Rebound Podcast: How Online Gaming can Drive Change Management in Your Organization?
Listen in as Marko Kovacevic and Alexander Fernandez explain why multi-player gaming enables change management during digital transformation.

Greater Gender Diversity and Women in Supply Chains
Making the case for diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

Featured Companies

Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes is a global technology company offering innovative products and solutions that enable commerce in the areas of customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, shipping and mailing, and global ecommerce. More than 1.5 million clients in approximately 100 countries around…
Dyn is a cloud-based Internet Performance Management (IPM) company that provides unrivaled visibility and control into cloud and public Internet resources. Dyn’s platform monitors, controls and optimizes applications and infrastructure through Data, Analytics, and Traffic Steering, ensuring traffic gets…
Enjoy Technology
Founded in 2014, ENJOY is the world’s first Personal Commerce platform, built to revolutionize the way people buy and enjoy the world’s best technology products. The central feature of the company is the ENJOY Visit, which is included free…
Con-way Inc. is a $5.6 billion freight transportation and logistics services company headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich. Con-way is an industry leader in the transportation and logistics industry and delivers industry-leading services through its primary operating companies of Con-way Freight, Con-way…
University of St. Gallen
The University of St. Gallen (in German: Universität St. Gallen) is a research university located in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Established in 1898, it is specialized in the fields of business administration, economics, law, and international affairs. The University of St.…
MonarchFx is your smarter logistics solution comprised of best-in-class supply chain companies focused on delivering cost-effective, high service level fulfillment solutions to brands and retailers.
Mercator International
Mercator has helped some of the top companies in the industry grow their business and make plans for an even bigger tomorrow.  We will give you the information you need to increase productivity and improve profits. Our extensive list…
Guthrie Jensen Consultants
For almost 40 years, Guthrie-Jensen Consultants has been the preferred partner of over 15,000 companies, many of which belong to the top 1,000 corporations and Global 500 companies. To date, Guthrie-Jensen is the leading Management Training and Consultancy firm in the Philippines and one…
As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP (NYSE: SAP) helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device - SAP empowers people and organizations to work together…
Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone OnDemand is a leader in cloud-based applications for talent management. The company’s solutions help organizations recruit, train, manage and connect their employees, empowering their people and increasing workforce productivity. Based in Santa Monica, California, the company’s solutions…
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Practices and Benefits of Collaborative Supply Management
Practices and Benefits of Collaborative Supply Management
To improve Supply Chain performance, the time has come for those involved to collaborate and pool their resources, see the details in...
TMS+ Go Beyond Transport to Optimize Cost, Service, & Resiliency
TMS+ Go Beyond Transport to Optimize Cost, Service, & Resiliency
In this paper, we discuss why a holistic, “TMS+” approach is integral to success in the new normal and beyond, outline how...

Best Practices for Selecting the Optimal Order Management System (OMS)
Best Practices for Selecting the Optimal Order Management System (OMS)
In this best practices paper we take a look at what omnichannel executives need to know before, during and after selection to...
Supplier Management Automation
Supplier Management Automation
This ebook is for accounts payable (AP) and procurement professionals looking to leverage AI-driven supplier management automation to improve cashflow, strengthen supplier...
How Roaming Shuttles Improve Order Fulfillment Operations
How Roaming Shuttles Improve Order Fulfillment Operations
Implementing this goods-to-person automated storage and retrieval technology improves customer experience, optimizes operations, and maximizes profitability.