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Reducing Distribution Center Overtime Costs
Want the secret for reducing your distribution center's overtime costs? Check out these key strategies.

LMS Update: Expanding into networked labor management
Companies of all sizes are leveraging labor management systems to detect workforce issues, improve asset utilization, and incentivize employees across a distributed network.

Made4net acquired by Ingka Group, with global software rollout with IKEA coming
Acquisition by investment arm of company which operates over 480 IKEA stores is expected to accelerate investment in Made4net’s supply chain software platform, and expand Made4net's global customer footprint.

10 Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Receiving Process
Warehouse receiving processes can make or break a company's ability to service its customers.

Cut the Fat from Your Forklift Fleet
There are several regular goals for a fleet management program, and one of the most common is saving money.

Analyzing the Business Impact of Inefficient Motion in Warehousing
More Walking = More Errors & Fatigue = More Attrition; Is There a Way to Cut Back?

Charting A Short and Long-Term Course to Handle Peak Demand
This white paper discusses how the landscape surrounding peak preparation has evolved and lays out important considerations to ensure business continuity and realize the full value of automation investments.

Help Reduce Operating Costs with Robotic Lift Trucks
This white paper examines the ways in which warehouses can not only justify an investment in robotic lift trucks through speedy ROI – but achieve meaningful savings.

Ecommerce Fulfillment is Driving Robotic Lift Truck Growth
Though robotic industrial trucks are still a small slice of the market, expectations are growing for them as operations seek to speed up their processes while lessening the struggle of trying to find enough operators.

Labor Management Systems Solutions Increasingly Important Even With the Move to More Automation
Labor management system solutions are different today than those a decade ago, they integrate with more systems, have mobile user interfaces, and use advanced analytics, they are increasingly important with the move to more automation.

Voice Picking Software Selection Guide
This guide provides a framework for evaluating voice picking systems for use in warehouses and distribution centers.

Critical Elements of Warehouse Management Systems & Labor Implementations
This white paper explores the critical elements of warehouse management systems and labor management systems implementations, from setting expectations to ensuring the final installation adds value to everyone’s day.

Prepare for the Next Wave of Warehouse Automation
Learn how machine learning will unlock new, more complex tasks for automation.

A Practical Approach to Robotics Implementation
With fluctuating demand and a constantly evolving warehouse environment, automation investments must have the flexibility to meet the challenges of today – and tomorrow.

Let’s Create a Human-centric Supply Chain
Listen in as Michigan State professor Sriram Narayanan and Ed Terris, vice president of apparel manufacturing at Goodwill Industries of South Florida, discuss how to integrate people with disabilities into supply chains. SCMR’s Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock hosts.


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