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Strategic partnership between NTG and Flexport focuses on supply chain visibility
Atlanta-based Nolan Transportation Group (NTG), a provider of non-asset, tech-enabled logistics and brokerage services, and a subsidiary of Transportation Insight, and San Francisco-based freight forwarding and customs brokerage services provider Flexport, said they are collaborating on a strategic partnership focused on integrating their respective technologies, with a focus on “greater visibility across supply chains.”

Made4net acquires Zethcon
Zethcon offers cloud-based warehouse management (WMS) software for the third-party logistics (3PL) market, while Made4Net is a global provider of cloud-based supply chain execution and warehouse management system (WMS) software for multiple end markets.

Direct to Customer vs Reaching Customer via DCs
By working with solution providers with a deep understanding of technology and business processes companies can realize their grand vision of D2C and gain competitive advantage.

Why Sustainability Matters
Sustainability has re-entered the supply chain conversation—and it’s a concept that will continue to have an impact on organizations far into the future as the transportation sector continues to be the largest U.S. contributor to greenhouse gasses.

Capital Express and ADL Delivery partner up for final mile delivery platform initiative
Earlier this week, two regional final mile delivery service providers—Capital Express, an Omaha-based final mile delivery company, and ADL Delivery, a Tampa-based final mile delivery company—announced they have partnered up to form a holding company, or platform, focused on building a national provider of customized and final mile logistics services.

7 Logistics Trends that will Radically Change the Shipping Landscape in 2022
Increasing customer demands, unprecedented cargo logjams, workforce shortages, carrier capacity constraints, and the lasting effects of the pandemic have made supply chains more volatile than ever.

URB-E and last mile logistics on The Rebound Podcast
On this episode, CEO Charles Jolley discusses a new take on the last mile.

URB-E’s new take on the last mile delivery
A startup is utilizing e-bikes and containerization to take trucks of the road and streamline last mile delivery.

Manifest 2022: Logistics and transportation in the spotlight
The inaugural technology event had a focus on transportation software and autonomous vehicles

2021 Ecommerce Research Series: Micro-Fulfillment and Last Mile Study
This Quarterly Research Series will help managers understand the effects and impacts ecommerce is having on micro fulfillment and the last mile.

Innovate and Optimize to Beat Last-Mile Delivery Challenges
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated online retail worldwide by 5 years. Download this paper to learn how you can innovate and optimize your business.

Walmart Strengthening Partnership with On-Demand Drone Delivery Startup DroneUp
Retail behemoth Walmart is strengthening its partnership with the on-demand drone delivery startup DroneUp in an effort to speed delivery and meet increasing consumer demand to have goods delivered to their doorstep.

FedEx & Nuro Team Up to Advance Last-Mile Logistics with Autonomous Vehicles
FedEx and Nuro, the developer of custom autonomous vehicles, are working together to test last-mile logistics, multi-stop, and appointment-based delivery operations in Houston, Texas.

Getting to hyperlocal, fast
In e-grocery, automated micro-fulfillment centers are catching on, but for general retailers and e-commerce sellers, other approaches are part of the picture. Providers are focused on helping online brands or other retail merchants quickly establish the network reach they need for next-day or two-day fulfillment.

Talking Supply Chain Podcast: The Rise Of The Robot
On this episode, Jeff Burnstein discusses the growth of the industrial robotics market, and why now is the time to investigate robots for your operation. SCMR’s Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock hosts.


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