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How Can White Glove Service Increase Customer Loyalty?
The idea for white glove deliveries was born out of a desire to meet the needs of customers. These deliveries focus on valuable items and are intended to create an effortless experience for those receiving them.

7 Last Mile Logistics Delivery & Ecommerce Trends You Don’t Want to Overlook
The quarter's eCommerce performance was more muted as Amazon Prime Day dollars shifted to Q3 this year, and the increase in digital sales outpaced that of stores for the first time since early 2021, and more than 20% of consumer spending from April-June occurred online.

The Implication of Flexport’s Acquisition of Shopify Logistics to Expand Its Global Services into Last Mile & E-Commerce Fulfillment
Flexport, the leading tech-driven logistics platform, has announced the acquisition of the assets of Shopify Logistics, including Deliverr, Inc. Flexport's technology now makes it easy for businesses to plan, visualize and execute the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the customer's store or door unified under one technology platform.

LaserShip and OnTrac roll out new name and brand identity
An OnTrac spokesperson told LM that uniting the companies under a single name and brand identity was the final pieces in combining the LaserShip and OnTrac delivery networks.

5 Key Steps for Optimizing your Last Mile Delivery
From fast and smart rate shopping to calculating time in transit, here are 5 key capabilities that will help your team maximize performance and minimize costs across all modes for last-mile delivery optimization.

Last mile delivery is ripe for re-invention
New business models are transforming last mile delivery. Not all will survive.

Getting Online Shoppers to Choose No-Rush Shipping Is Easier Than You Think
When it comes to the last stage of product delivery, online retailers have a challenging task at hand - many customers view speedy shipping as the expectation, not as an expensive premium service.

LEGACY Supply Chain Announces Deployment of eCommerce Fulfillment Technology Solution
The deployment of advanced automation technology from 6 River Systems, a leader in the fulfillment technology industry, consists of collaborative robots, or cobots, that help optimize fulfillment operations, support labor productivity and increase order throughput.

Last Mile Delivery Obstacles & Opportunities for Furniture Retailers
In this original white paper study conducted by Furniture Today Strategic Insights, in partnership with FIDELITONE, we examined the current delivery practices and use of 3PLs among furniture retailers.

U-Turn in Last-Mile Delivery Customer Experience
In this case study, we look at the inability to meet customers’ expectations for timeliness and professionalism led to dissatisfaction and loss of the customer base.

6 Ways You Know it’s Time to Outsource Last-Mile Delivery
Companies take a hard look at whether to outsource to a last-mile delivery company for this mission-critical arm of the supply chain operation.

Last-Mile Delivery Visibility
Visibility into last-mile delivery at every step, in every touchpoint, is key to earning customer loyalty and ensuring business success.

Today’s Post-Pandemic Parcel Delivery Marketplace
Three of our top parcel industry sources offer their respective takes on one of the most ubiquitous parts of freight transportation and logistics - parcel and last-mile delivery, and with providers and carriers continuing to have the upper hand over shippers, they suggest to leave no stone unturned when it comes to carrier selection and leveraging partnerships.

5 Parcel Trends in 2022 and Tips to Adapt
As organizations strive to future-proof their supply chains in the future, managers must shift their focus to building flexible, resilient order fulfillment workflows to continue delighting their customers and surpass the competition.

Strategic partnership between NTG and Flexport focuses on supply chain visibility
Atlanta-based Nolan Transportation Group (NTG), a provider of non-asset, tech-enabled logistics and brokerage services, and a subsidiary of Transportation Insight, and San Francisco-based freight forwarding and customs brokerage services provider Flexport, said they are collaborating on a strategic partnership focused on integrating their respective technologies, with a focus on “greater visibility across supply chains.”


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