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Is The U.S. Reshoring Trend A Fact Or A Myth?
Even with 83% of manufacturers indicating a likeliness to reshore due to tariffs, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other reasons, taking those statistics to the heart may prove difficult for industry skeptics.
3 Essential Strategies to Automate & Innovate in Manufacturing
Optimizing your supply chain, responding to customer needs, and managing risk and quality control are three essential strategies to consider along with the innovation that automation could bring to your operations.
The Current State of the Manufacturing and Services Economies
In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Logistics Management and the Peerless Media Supply Chain Group, interviews Tim Fiore, Chairman of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Business Survey Committee, and Tony Nieves, Chair of the Institute...
What You Should Know about the Internet of Things & How to Lay the Foundation for Success
The Internet of Things, or IoT, is moving beyond a catchword to real-world utilization, however, not all stakeholders fully understand this transformative technology, enterprises must lay a solid foundation to ensure success into this rapidly evolving landscape.

Manufacturing Resources

Manufacturing Industry: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait for Digital Transformation
This playbook offers Manufacturers a realistic and viable guide to balancing immediate needs with future-focused strategy.
The Essential Guide to Automation in Manufacturing
This ebook provides a strategic guide to driving operational excellence, product innovation, and competitive advantage through automation.

Manufacturing News

U.S. Manufacturing Grows at Fastest Pace in 13 Years
Today is Manufacturing Day and this week's figures from the Institute for Supply Management showed American manufacturing expanded last month at the fastest pace in 13 years, in part because of effects from two major hurricanes.

Further Global Supply Chain Issues Interrupt iPhone 8 Production
Supply chain issues and industry-wide critical component shortages will have a profound impact on Apple’s production of the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8, several new reports seem to indicate.

Apple Supplier Foxconn Considering Wisconsin Manufacturing Plant
The Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn may choose Wisconsin for its proposed factory in the US, which would be a first for the Taiwan-based iPhone and electronics manufacturer.

3D Printing and the Future of Supply Chains
DHL's Logistics Trend Radar, identifies 3D printing as one of the major disruptive trends to impact the logistics industry in the near future, creating instant production and distribution models.

Study Highlights Digitalization of U.S. Manufacturers
Manufacturers large and small are aware that digitalization continues to drive every industry forward, making the American landscape increasingly competitive, and digital solutions are essential in every industry today.

Digital Intensity in US Manufacturing
On behalf of Siemens, Longitude Research surveyed 209 senior executives and directors of large US manufacturing organizations to understand the progress of digitalization among discrete and process manufacturers, topics include trends in digitalization, examples of successful adaptation and suggestions to overcome barriers to moving forward in the digital age.

Student Goes Undercover At Apple Factory in China
New York University graduate student Dejian Zeng spent last summer working in a Pegatron factory manufacturing the iPhone 6s and 7 as part of a summer project, where he got a first hand look at what factory life is like for a worker in China.

The Skills Gap in U.S. Manufacturing 2015 and Beyond
The 2015 Skills Gap Report reinforces the talent challenge that U.S. manufacturers face and warns of even greater skilled worker shortages in the near future.

McLaren Plans to 3D Print Racing Car Parts
McLaren plans to start 3D-printing parts for its Formula 1 cars trackside at Grand Prix competitions shortly, the firm believes the technology will give it an advantage over rivals allowing it to make last-minute changes.

Five Ways 3D Printing Is Transforming the Automotive Industry
This paper describes in detail five key ways 3D printing is changing the automotive industry, both today and in the near future.

America’s Advanced Industries: What They Are, Where They Are, and Why They Matter
This report identifies a distinct yet overlooked part of the economy, the advanced industries sector, that is at once critical to national wellbeing and under pressure from eroding competitiveness and national economic drift.

Next Generation of Planning & Scheduling Solutions
This white paper explores the ways manufacturing has changed, from the goals of manufacturers to the systems they rely on, discover how the software market is addressing the changing manufacturing sector.

Institute for Supply Management: US Manufacturing Expands at Fastest Pace Since August 2014
Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in February, and the overall economy grew for the 93rd consecutive month, say the nation’s supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM Report on Business.

Why Old-Fashioned Manufacturing Jobs Won’t Be Returning to the Western World
Manufacturing is no longer just about the production line, manufacturing, and jobs in manufacturing, have changed in ways that mean that the old jobs will never return to the rich world, and because of these changes, working out how many people are employed in manufacturing is difficult.

The Future of Manufacturing: Making Things in a Changing World
The manufacturing landscape is facing dramatic changes, creating and capturing value in this new environment will require understanding the factors driving change in specific manufacturing sectors, focusing on activities that convey a structural advantage, leveraging the skills and capabilities of third parties, fundamentally rethinking business models, and identifying influence points.

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou Says Investment For Display Plant in U.S. Would Exceed $7 Billion
Apple supplier Foxconn is considering a $7 billion investment that would establish a U.S.-based LCD display manufacturing hub that could create as many as 50,000 new jobs.

Top 10 Ways Contextual Integration Will Transform Manufacturing in 2017
Integrating enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and legacy systems lead to greater manufacturing innovation, setting the foundation to move beyond business models that don’t stay in step with customers’ fast-changing needs.

Digitization, Synchronization, Visibility, Amongst 2017 Top Trends in Demand-Driven Manufacturing
Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturers are today’s truly Lean thinkers and are continuously improving their operations to create more opportunities for innovation, a recent report by Synchrono addresses challenges, innovation and technologies associated with manufacturing digitization, visibility and synchronization for 2017.

Product Innovation Requires Commitment…to Failure
When it comes to product development innovation, failure is not an option. It’s mandatory.

Common Barriers to Moving from Push to Pull Manufacturing
Lean manufacturers continue to address throughput issues by automating systems and creating better processes to eliminate waste in all of its forms.

Featured Companies

Toyota today manufactures a diverse line-up of vehicles all over the globe, and as an innovative leader, Toyota is well-known for its management philosophy and the world’s first mass-market hybrids.
Flextronics International Ltd. is a leading sketch-to-scale™ solutions company that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world. With approximately 200,000 professionals across 30 countries and a promise to help the world Live smarter™, the company provides innovative design, engineering, manufacturing,…
Baldor Electric
Baldor Electric Company is a leading marketer, designer and manufacturer of energy-saving industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, and adjustable speed drives. The company was founded on the premise that a better motor is one that uses less electricity,…
Elemica is the leading Digital Supply Network for manufacturing industries. Elemica accelerates digital transformation by connecting, automating, anticipating, and then transforming inter-business supply chain processes for the products they buy, sell, move, and comply. Launched in 2000, customers process over $500B…
Oliver Wight
Oliver Wight has a 50-year track record of delivering business improvement to some of the world’s best-known organizations. We believe that sustainable improvement can only be made through your own people. So unlike other business consultants and change management…
The Keystone Group
The Keystone Group is a results-oriented management consulting firm. Our small, experienced teams work with mid-market manufacturing and distribution clients to develop and execute strategy, improve operations, restructure finances, and integrate acquisitions. The Keystone Group was founded in 1991 to bring…
Flintfox develops trade and revenue management software and provides ERP consulting and implementation services. We have over 29 years of experience delivering solutions for pricing, accruals and rebates to the retail, consumer goods, manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries. To support our…
Carbon is reinventing how products are designed, engineered, made & delivered. Carbon’s SpeedCell™ is a system of connected manufacturing unit operations that enables repeatable production of end-use parts with industrial grade materials and exceptional surface finish. Whether you’re…
At Bizagi we’ve been helping companies to digitally transform since before the term was invented. We know that digital transformation is really about changing the way your business works. That means transforming and automating your processes. Bizagi's industry-leading low-code…
AeroMobil. Beautiful flying car. Beautifully integrated. Transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane. Gives you freedom to move. AeroMobil is a flying car that perfectly makes use of existing infrastructure created for automobiles and planes, and opens doors…
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Featured Downloads

Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the potential of various resources available in a warehouse and how they can be utilized...
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
A whitepaper on supply chain insights gleaned at the LEED-certified gold Cleveland transportation and sustainability summit.

20 Warehouse & Distribution Center Best Practices for Your Supply Chain
20 Warehouse & Distribution Center Best Practices for Your Supply Chain
In this guide, we picked the brains of our supply chain engineers to find ways to improve warehouse and distribution center efficiency...
SOLOCHAIN WMS plus a Guide to Warehouse Management Systems
SOLOCHAIN WMS plus a Guide to Warehouse Management Systems
In these 2 'papers' Solochain WMS, we detail Manufacturing Execution System capabilities and Generix's portfolio of SCM solutions to manage all distribution logistics,...
Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
An investigation into how supply chains have changed, where they are heading, and how you can prepare.