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The Essential Guide to Automation in Manufacturing

This ebook provides a strategic guide to driving operational excellence, product innovation, and competitive advantage through automation.

Automate to Innovate

Manufacturing has always been driven by technology, so naturally, the industry is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest innovations and respond to customer demands.

Today, this means creating high-quality, customizable products at speed, while keeping costs down and scaling operations according to demand.

The events of 2020 demonstrated the need for more organizations to be agile, both on the factory floor and in the supply chain.

The pressure is on manufacturers to create high-quality, customizable products at speed while keeping costs down and scaling operations according to demand.

Those who have risen to the challenge with intelligent automation technology are already reaping the benefits, but those who are slow to respond are feeling the pressure.

Download your copy of this ebook and learn:

  • How to build a competitive advantage through three essential strategies
  • What the dawn of Industry 5.0 means for manufacturers
  • Tips for a successful automation program and how to repeat the success

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