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Aligning People, Process & Technology

This paper separates people, process & technology and breaks down some of the key challenges associated with each, along with the solutions for aligning them.

An Action Plan for Customer Service Excellence

Customer service is a bigger priority for companies today than it’s ever been. The digital age has given rise to customers who demand a more personalized, responsive, and around-the-clock experience. Rather than remaining a back-room department, customer service is now expected to be more strategic - but with resources already stretched thin, these expectations can be a lot to live up to.

So why is this supposed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Because the door of opportunity is wide open.

Despite technological advancements, most customer service departments are still heavily tied to archaic, manual procedures (e.g., order processing) that restrict their ability to adapt to this new normal. Any company that can step up to the challenge will separate itself from competitors.

This paper was created for decision-makers who are ready to make their digital transformation. The goal of this action plan is not to reinvent the customer service wheel, but instead, to optimize the key components -  People, Process, and Technology (PPT) - and develop a strategy to align them.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Order Management
  • Success Story
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Conclusion
  • About Esker
  • Related Content

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