Looking to the Internet-of-Things to Solve Cold Chain Monitoring Issues

To strengthen quality control over frozen and refrigerated products, a lot of attention is being given to the appropriate sensor hardware that addresses certain cold chain-specific needs of the supply chain.

Management & Traceability of Perishable Goods

With the recent high-profile emphasis on food safety from major market chains such as Walmart and Amazon, a lot of attention has been paid lately to new breakthroughs in management software solutions to bring about the level of management and traceability in perishable goods delivery.

However, many transportation providers and system integrators in supply chain solutions are clamoring for the full solution – both software and hardware that provides a complete, end-to-end cold chain management can help retailers ensure food safety.

For food supply chain requirements to protect from the risk of spoilage, the monitoring needs to be uninterrupted throughout the stages of delivery.

A large part of the puzzle is the integration of a network composing of the appropriate sensor hardware that addresses certain cold chain-specific needs.

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They must dependable and be easily attached to goods, remaining attached through every tier of the supply chain.

Ideally, the sensor hardware remains in place at the retail location as well.

Therefore, if there is an abnormality in the temperature of a freezer or refrigerator, the sensor could uplink to the asset management application in the cloud.

The cloud platform will notify management in real time so that any problem can be identified, rectified, and prevented from occurring again.

As an example of employing uninterrupted Cold Chain monitoring, an international hypermarket chain required a Cold Chain Management Solution.

Wireless Cold Chain Sensors

They inquired with Advantech to adopt their LoRa wireless cold chain sensors in all tiers of the supply chain to monitor temperature changes from the supplier’s dock to the store’s freezers through a neuro-network of sensors.

The process improvements were a significant departure from past practices in food safety management, which previously involved intensive employee resources.

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