Cold Storage “Last Mile” Logistics

This white paper describes how to profit from cold storage 'last mile' logistics business benefits including lowers operating costs, reducing system downtime and interruptions, increasing productivity, greater product longevity, improved data integrity and inventory management.

Cold Storage “Last Mile” Logistics

In cold storage settings, routine supply chain tasks can become exceedingly difficult when faced with the harsh conditions of extremely cold temperatures.

The specific environmental conditions encountered in cold storage setups generate substantial challenges such as frost, ice, and condensation, which can undermine the performance of even ruggedized computing equipment.

As the cold storage and distribution industry moves into the future, and the market segments that rely on cold chain services become increasingly diverse and geographically spread, new technologies that strengthen every link in the supply chain will continue to emerge.

Advantech DLoG’s defroster solution is designed to ensure maximum reliability and stability even in sub-zero temperatures.

It’s solutions such as these that provide cold-storage operators with all the benefits of mobile computing and automatic data capture regardless of environmental conditions.

With the economic potential of the global cold chain market predicted to reach US$234.49 billion in 2020, the stable and dependable hardware is a necessity to enable operators to face the upcoming challenges and business opportunities in cold storage and distribution.

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