Supply Chain Transformation Relies on Technology Deployment

This whitepaper shows industry survey results from adopters in supply chain management and offers insights on ROI for supply chain investment, the data offers a comparison to your own status and stacks it against transformation trends.

A firms’ supply chain capabilities are being transformed by technology, enabling them to serve a much wider set of customers on the cost/service spectrum.

If the price point is too high, a customer may choose a slower delivery option that is made newly available due to innovations in the company’s supply chain model.

We believe that the successful cases will belong to companies that utilize their supply chains to turn the impossible into possible.

And to enable these ideas, technology providers must offer the solutions to access the data from the field.

Many field transportation solution providers turn to multifunction PCs to enable this first step.

Onboard vehicle systems based on industry-standard x86 architecture can provide the connectivity options to both analyze data at the edge and transmit the data to the cloud in real time for analysis.

Unlocking goods tracking and efficiency insights originate with vehicle data.

If you have projects for transportation management system (TMS) integration to enable new ideas and discover new economies in delivery services, then you need to learn how the latest Advantech iLogistics Solutions can help.

Download this whitepaper, and see how supply chain leaders’ further delay causes a long game of catch-up, and, more importantly, how to address the technology hurdles to stay ahead of the competition.

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