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Cultivating Relentless Supply Chain Agility at IBM
The technology giant has spent several years building a cognitive supply chain that embraces an agile culture of innovation, focuses on client needs and successes, and leverages exponential technologies to deliver greater value - it’s a model for any organization building agile capabilities.

Google taps project44 to be initial real-time visibility provider for supply chain platform
The company said that through this partnership project44 will become the first strategic partner for real-time transportation visibility to integrate its capabilities into the Google Cloud Supply Chain Twin offering—which optimizes planning and decision-making by orchestrating supply chain data from enterprise business systems, partners, and public sources and enables shippers to bring together data from multiple sources and require less partner integration time than traditional API-based integration—and is a major cog of the Google Supply Chain platform.

Using Technology to Protect Against Supply Chain Risk
After enduring a persistent global pandemic and the supply chain interruptions that came with it, shippers are increasingly turning to risk management software to help them through the recovery phase and prepare for what’s ahead.

AI and Data, the Future of Supply Chain Management
Speeding the information flows and reducing inefficiencies equips supply chains to operate effectively, adapt quickly and evolve to meet competitive threats and exploit opportunities in the environment.

Panasonic to Buy U.S. Supply-Chain Software Firm Blue Yonder for $7.1 Billion
Acquisition will combine IoT/edge and AI/ML solutions to deliver new supply chain cloud capabilities and create a more sustainable world.

AI and Supply Chain Problem Solving
In this white paper, we discuss why you should focus on your processes, data, and organizational design and desired outcomes, not the algorithms.

4 Gartner Hype Cycle Supply Chain Technologies That Power Continuous Innovation
The Gartner Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Planning Technologies publication assesses technologies that executives should consider leveraging to stay relevant to their various stakeholders and to gain or maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace - in this article we detail 4 technologies supporting supply chain planning innovation.

Report indicates Blue Yonder may go public
A little more than one month after reports surfaced suggesting that global electronics giant Panasonic was set to acquire, in Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Blue Yonder (formerly JDA), a provider of AI-driven and end-to-end supply chain management services, a report in the Wall Street Journal indicated that Blue Yonder instead plans to become a publicly traded company.

The Cognitive Supply Chain: What Does It Take to Build One?
In this survey, The Cognitive Supply Chain: What Does it Take to Build One?, GEP and discuss the building blocks of an intelligent supply chain network, these are the key elements you’ll need to build a digital, cognitive supply chain that gives your business a unique competitive advantage.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Procurement and Supply Chain
Through this paper, we intend to break down some of the essential AI concepts and showcase the game-changing applications that we believe are most relevant in procurement and the supply chain.

Technology and the State of Global Supply Chains
As we look back at the giant technology strides our industry has made this past year, there is much to applaud, however, there is still much more efficiency to be gained and complexity to be removed.

Merger of Best-in-Class Supply Chain Companies PINC, ShipXpress, and RailCarRX
Kaleris creates a supply chain execution platform for industrial and finished goods for shippers and carriers.

The Intelligent Supply Chain Agent for Your Business Needs
NEO, the artificial intelligent agent from One Network Enterprises, is your all-knowing supply chain assistant, continuously identifying, monitoring, analyzing, and resolving problems to help you achieve autonomous supply chain management.

Nucleus Research: Supply Chain Technology Value Matrix 2021
In this Nucleus Research Supply Chain Planning Technology Value Matrix for 2021, we detail and analyze how 21 supply chain technology vendors and their supply chain planning solutions stack up.

FourKites and Infosys herald new alliance focused on supply chain visibility
Chicago-based FourKites, a provider of real-time tracking and visibility solutions across transportation modes and digital platforms, and Infosys, a global next-generation digital services consulting services provider, said this week they have partnered up to form an alliance focused on accelerating the delivery of best-in-class supply chain process innovations and technology offerings.


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