Tecsys launches Innovation Lab focused on applying emerging supply chain technologies

Supply chain management software provider's lab willl look to harness a range of technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science, and process modeling and simulation to drive customer value.

Tecsys Inc., a provider supply chain management software, announced today at its user conference the launch of the Tecsys Innovation Lab. The company explained the lab is designed to harness the practical potential of state-of-the-art technologies in service of its hundreds of supply chain customers.

The Tecsys Innovation Lab, a research-driven group within Tecsys' Product and Technology Team, is committed to evaluating cutting-edge technologies to address intricate supply chain challenges, the company added. The Lab will harness an array of advanced technologies including, but not limited to:

  • artificial intelligence, machine learning and generative AI to expose hidden inefficiencies and accelerate informed decision-making.
  • data science to explore, analyze and visualize business data utilizing metaheuristic algorithms with a focus on supply chain optimization.
  • process modeling and simulation to build digital twins and conduct what-if analyses on demand, inventory and transportation.
  • advanced search and data methodologies to detect and diagnose complex supply chain product and process interdependencies.

"With R&D investment representing more than 15% of Tecsys' annual revenue, investment in innovation is deeply ingrained in the company's DNA," said Martin Schryburt, senior vice president of Product and Technology. "The establishment of the Tecsys Innovation Lab reflects our commitment to not only setting the standard in the world of supply chain management but continuing to raise it. It will serve as our hub for pioneering and perfecting next-generation solutions for our industry."

Tecsys customer Werner Electric is an early collaborator in Tecsys' innovation lab concept. Jonah Reinhardt, IT Business Systems manager at Werner Electric, shared, "In our journey with Tecsys, Werner Electric has benefited from advanced and applied AI initiatives that have resulted in competitive advantages. These advantages range from faster onboarding time and more efficient use of warehouse resources to sustaining a 30% to 40% reduction in travel distance for pick paths using augmented cluster building. We are thrilled to continue co-creating the future state of our supply chain through a lens of innovation."

The Tecsys Innovation Lab emphasizes a scenario-based approach for research, ensuring it is a meaningful testbed for customer value, the company added. Built around a data science framework, it is designed to address real-world business challenges through rapid prototyping.

"This initiative is about results over buzzwords," explained Vasco Kollokian, director of Innovation and AI. "The Tecsys Innovation Lab is more than just a research team. It's a hub of creativity, exploration, and solution-driven innovation. We're not just focused on exploring new technologies; we're applying them in ways that bring tangible benefits to our customers."

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