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How Businesses Can Strengthen Their Supply Chains & Build Future-Ready Supply Networks
Many businesses are bringing parts production back to the countries where it was originally performed, to be closer to consumers – so-called restoring, similarly, with nearshoring, production is moved to a country close to the target market, this can often be a more cost-effective alternative while still reducing shipping distances.

AlixPartners 2023 Disruption Index A Bias for Action Sets Growth Leaders Apart
Growing geopolitical competition and conflict could actually demonstrate the need for greater international cooperation, disruption may be the new economic driver, but it creates opportunities, not just threats, Leaders must be prepared to meet the challenge of this disruptive age.

Jim Hoefflin takes the reins at Softeon
If ProMat 2023 taught us anything, it's an interesting time for the WMS industry

Top Trends Driving Change and Technology Strategy Within Logistics & Transportation Management
In this educational and informative article, we discuss, via a Q&A, some of the key industry trends driving process change and technology strategy within logistics and transportation management.

Integrated Ecosystems will Drive Next Generation of Collaborative Supply Chain Technologies
An integrated ecosystem partnership means that the supply chain platform offers end-to-end coverage of fulfillment-related functional areas, the flexibility to personalize based on business needs, and scalability to accommodate rapid organization and demand growth.

Fashion Powerhouse Implements Supply Chain Transparency for its Sustainability Efforts
Serai’s Traceability solution helps cut time to trace products in half.

Transforming Supply Chains for Higher Performance and Resiliency
This study from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services commissioned by GEP explores the digital status quo of supply chains today, and how enterprises can and must revamp their supply chains to thrive in a never-normal world.

How Will Tariffs Affect Supply Chain Sustainability Efforts for Global Manufacturers?
Tariffs play a role in both imports and exports, so a supply chain software platform that can manage various types of flows is important, especially when it comes to sustainability initiatives.

Oracle introduces new capabilities for its Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM offering
Oracle officials said that the updates are for subsets in Oracle Fusion Cloud Global SCM—Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM)—and are geared towards helping shippers increase efficiency and value across their global supply chains, as well as reduce cost and risk, improve customer experience, and also become more adaptable to business disruptions.

Cultivating Relentless Supply Chain Agility at IBM
The technology giant has spent several years building a cognitive supply chain that embraces an agile culture of innovation, focuses on client needs and successes, and leverages exponential technologies to deliver greater value - it’s a model for any organization building agile capabilities.

Google taps project44 to be initial real-time visibility provider for supply chain platform
The company said that through this partnership project44 will become the first strategic partner for real-time transportation visibility to integrate its capabilities into the Google Cloud Supply Chain Twin offering—which optimizes planning and decision-making by orchestrating supply chain data from enterprise business systems, partners, and public sources and enables shippers to bring together data from multiple sources and require less partner integration time than traditional API-based integration—and is a major cog of the Google Supply Chain platform.

Using Technology to Protect Against Supply Chain Risk
After enduring a persistent global pandemic and the supply chain interruptions that came with it, shippers are increasingly turning to risk management software to help them through the recovery phase and prepare for what’s ahead.

AI and Data, the Future of Supply Chain Management
Speeding the information flows and reducing inefficiencies equips supply chains to operate effectively, adapt quickly and evolve to meet competitive threats and exploit opportunities in the environment.

Panasonic to Buy U.S. Supply-Chain Software Firm Blue Yonder for $7.1 Billion
Acquisition will combine IoT/edge and AI/ML solutions to deliver new supply chain cloud capabilities and create a more sustainable world.

AI and Supply Chain Problem Solving
In this white paper, we discuss why you should focus on your processes, data, and organizational design and desired outcomes, not the algorithms.


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AlixPartners 2023 Disruption Index A Bias for Action Sets Growth Leaders Apart
AlixPartners 2023 Disruption Index A Bias for Action Sets Growth Leaders Apart
In their 4th annual AlixPartners Disruption Index, business leaders cite this as the central dilemma, with 85% of CEOs telling us that it...
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