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Warehouse orchestration; The Next Frontier in Warehouse Evolution
The next frontier in warehouse automation is orchestration. It's the difference between an automated warehouse and a warehouse that is truly harnessing the power of automation. Warehouse orchestration seamlessly integrates various automation technologies with people and processes to drive real-time actions in a way that is intelligent, optimized and efficient. Download this paper to learn more.

Explore warehousing trends and innovative GreyOrange solutions
Robotic Automation for Order Picking. The warehouse fulfillment orchestration platform allows bots to travel along an optimized path to multiple locations and floors to allow the correct picks & transfers at the right time. Inventory visibility and control that allows your operations to process all inventory from a single area seamlessly. Download this ebook to learn more.

GreyOrange Grey Matter
To drive down costs and increase speed, many warehouses automate discrete fulfillment tasks or processes. Eventually this additive approach will create silos and disparate systems with poor interoperability, give a falsesense of performance and ROI, hinder the possibilityof End-To-End visibility and control. As result, aligning systems necessitates hard coded integrationsand lengthy custom code that is difficult to modify, upgrade with resources outside of your control, and fail to respond to dynamic market changes.

GreyOrange announces Suneel Krishnaswamy as new CPEO
GreyOrange appoints Suneel Krishnaswamy as Chief Product and Engineering Officer to advance the company’s customer-focused automation technology

GreyOrange co-founder Akash Gupta named as new CEO
Gupta steps into the CEO role while Co-founder Samay Kohli transitions to the board of directors for GreyOrange, known for its robotics orchestration platform called GreyMatter.

Robotic applications at ProMat 2023
Sure, you’ll see hordes of robots at ProMat 2023, but what are they doing for operations in terms of high-value applications, and how do they integrate to help material flow? To find out, we asked a few exhibitors about the top warehouse robotic apps and trends.

Breathing New Life into the Retail High Street with Micro Fulfilment Centres & Robotic Automation
Could micro fulfillment centers and robots breathe a new glorious life into the High Street, turning the problem of returns from online retail into new opportunities, I say 'yes they can.'

2022 Reverse Logistics Research Study
Peerless Research Group surveyed its readers to get their insights on various solutions for ecommerce, retail replenishment, and reverse logistics, the completed, 29-page summary report is available for download.

GreyOrange appoints Guido Frantzen as CFO
Frantzen will lead financial operations to further accelerate growth for automated robotic fulfillment solution and software provider GreyOrange

SEKO Logistics partners with GreyOrange to deploy assisted picking solution
GreyOrange will be working with Zebra Fetch Robotics to provide the Ranger Assist bots, which will be directed under GreyOrange's GreyMatter fulfilment orchestration software

Automate Your Warehouse With Low Risk
At its foundation, customer satisfaction means speed and simplicity. Only automation can meet both these challenges and future-proof systems to ensure consistent operations and place distribution as a strategic lever. Download this doc to learn more about warehouse automation.

Pivotree and GreyOrange partner on order fulfillment capabilities
Combining warehouse and order management solutions with AI-driven software and robotics expected to increase performance and reduce cost in fulfilling orders.

3 Questions To Evaluate When Choosing Warehouse Automation for Vertical Space Utilization
Modern innovations in warehouse robotics have led to an emergence of Vertical AMRs (also known as shuttle AMRs). Consider these 3 questions to help you evaluate the right automation technology for the best utilization of vertical space with flexibility and without compromising throughput.

Top 10 Trends in Robotic Warehouse Automation 2.0
Robotic warehouse automation can help meet the demand for space and increase productivity and in the face of real estate and labor pressures, automated warehouses are becoming increasingly necessary.

Breaking the Limits of Rigid Conveying and Sorting Using Free Range Robotics
This whitepaper looks at the technology used for inventory flow in fulfillment centers and factories and how to handle the demand for speed and convenience in a cost-effective way.


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Rapidly Improve the Performance of Your Warehouse Logistics
Rapidly Improve the Performance of Your Warehouse Logistics
The Rapid Performance Evaluation identifies opportunities and potential improvements in every aspect of warehouse logistics operations; performance, productivity, service, quality, and systems.
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Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
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Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
A whitepaper on supply chain insights gleaned at the LEED-certified gold Cleveland transportation and sustainability summit.
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SOLOCHAIN WMS plus a Guide to Warehouse Management Systems
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