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GEODIS expands drayage presence with acquisition of Southern Companies
A purchase price for the transaction was not disclosed. Southern Companies provides various import and export services, including warehousing and trucking, to ensure customer goods are moving swiftly through the supply chain.

GEODIS accelerates case picking throughput with Vecna Robotics solution
Major 3PL nearly doubles case picking throughput at site in Indiana by deploying Vecna's pallet jack AMRs and orchestrating the mobile robots with human pickers via Vecna's software.

Mitigating Risk before Investing in Supply Chain Warehouse Automation Technologies
Investing and implementing warehouse automation technologies in a logistics network can be costly and time-consuming, especially with challenges such as changing consumer buying habits, lack of supply chain visibility into the sustainability and profitability of new technologies, and the adaptation of existing infrastructure can be very problematic.

Helping Brands Grow their Online Sales with e-Logistics & Readymade Fulfillment
The GEODIS eLogistics platform provides a real-time overview of all available inventory, in-store, in the warehouse, or in transit, worldwide, and also provides for the management of orders no matter the sales channel and determines the most appropriate supply source, delivery method, and returns options.

Making the Right Investments in Automated Warehouse Technology
This guide explores many of the concepts behind automated warehouse technology, in particular, the most important factors for investing in automation, and the best ways to achieve that.

Getting Ecommerce Logistics Right: Faster, Leaner, Scalable
GEODIS in partnership with Accenture Interactive has conducted a survey with 200 brands in various industries in Europe and the US, to deeper understand their e-Logistics level of maturity and efficiency.

4 Logistic Secrets to Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations
In this white paper, we will share the secret ingredients that make an online marketplace highly successful and, most importantly, how to ensure your customers have a great experience, every single time.

Increase Your Inventory Reliability by Simplifying Stock Counting
Using the best drone and ground robot technology, GEODIS Counbot identifies and locates full pallets whatever your site configuration, and allows the real-time update of your warehouse management system with reliable data.

Why Reliable Logistics Forecasting Is a Fundamental Tool for Staying Competitive
In this paper, we detail how to navigate supply chain complexity via reliable logistics forecasting, and why supply chains are becoming more complex, creating deeply interdependent networks that need to balance supply, demand, and capacity.

GEODIS announces acquisition of Need It Now Delivers is a done deal
GEODIS officials said that Need It Now Delivers operates as an expansive domestic road freight network with over 65 company locations and 300 distribution points, providing strong national coverage, particularly in the eastern U.S. The acquisition significantly expands GEODIS’s U.S. presence in the areas of contract logistics and final mile delivery and strengthens its end-to-end freight network domestically and internationally.

GEODIS expands agreement with Locus Robotics to deploy 1,000 LocusBots at warehouse sites
GEODIS has currently deployed Locus AMRs at 14 sites around the world, serving a wide range of retail and consumer brands, including warehouses in the U.S and Europe. The agreement will expand that footprint significantly as new sites are deployed.

GEODIS partners with KNAPP on fulfillment center automation project
New collaboration will deploy more than $80 million in advanced automation into two omnichannel fulfillment centers on behalf of a leading retailer, with phase one of the implementation expected to be complete in September of next year. The combined fulfillment centers are expected to move over 270,000 units per day across its total of more than 850,000 square feet of operations.

GEODIS inks agreement to acquire Keppel Logistics
GEODIS said that this acquisition will significantly increase the company’s contract logistics footprint and e-commerce fulfillment services in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

60 Seconds with…Rob Thyen, Senior VP of Engineering at GEODIS
Modern sat down with Rob Thyen to discuss 3PLs and Piece Picking Robotics.

Top 20 3PL and Refrigerated Warehousing Companies 2021
With e-commerce fulfillment as a catalyst, both the third-party logistics and cold storage warehousing market in North America continue to post healthy gains.


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