Increase Your Inventory Reliability by Simplifying Stock Counting

Using the best drone and ground robot technology, GEODIS Counbot identifies and locates full pallets whatever your site configuration, and allows the real-time update of your warehouse management system with reliable data.

A Disruptive Inventory Management Solution - GEODIS Countbot Revolutionizes Your Warehouse Inventories

Stock counting is a key process for warehouse quality management ensuring stock accuracy by matching both physical and digital stocks.

Cycling or wall-to-wall, this physical operation is tedious, time-consuming, and complex to organize:

  • Mobilization of human and material resources
  • Counting ”human” error due to repetitive and tedious task
  • The entire supply chain is impacted by the slightest gap
  • Health risk for operators working at height
  • Slowdown or shutdown required during the counting

These constraints not only prevent reaching the perfect stock but also reduce the possibility to achieve continued 100% inventory liability.

With GEODIS Countbot, simplify your stock counting and increase your inventory reliability!

A Fully Automated Warehouse Inventory Solution

Using the best drone and ground robot technology, GEODIS Counbot identifies and locates full pallets whatever your site configuration. The output allows the real-time update of your warehouse management system with reliable data.

GEODIS 3PL Case Study

GEODIS is a leading global third-party logistics (3PL) provider with a multi-tenant 500,000ft2 facility in Kutztown, PA. One customer in this facility is an omnichannel retailer that occupies 219,000ft2 for the fulfillment and return of apparel and accessories.

This customer was looking for an automation solution that would alleviate the reliance on labor (especially when the hiring periods are difficult), prioritize employee safety with social-distancing measures, and outperform the competition in customer service.

In addition, the team was planning to implement this new solution just before Peak season, causing some apprehension about making changes in workflows so close to the busiest time of the year. However, the team at GEODIS was confident that the Locus solution would be the best fit, and that an implementation in a short timeframe would be successful.

GEODIS 3PL Case Study Results

Following a record 6-week deployment, GEODIS saw immediate increases in productivity heading into Peak season.

Eli Camplei, Director of Operations. Daniel Ferguson, Director of Continuous Improvement, stated;

“Some of the benefits we’ve seen with Locus are productivity and efficiency.“

Eli also noted that workers averaging 100 UPH using traditional picking methods are now averaging upwards of 175 UPH. Some associates are even averaging around 200 UPH.

Download Now and discover the GEODIS Countbot along with 2 Locus Multi-Bot Third Party Logistics Case Studies.

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