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Q&A with FedEx Supply Chain on LTL’s Growing Role in Reverse Logistics and Ecommerce Returns
As a direct result of the thriving ecommerce landscape, SMC³ recently talked with FedEx Supply Chain executive Ryan Kelly about reverse logistics and how less-than-truckload carriers are capitalizing on this developing trend.

Delivering It Forward at FedEx Supply Chain
FedEx recently released the Deliver It Forward 2017 Global Citizenship Report, showcasing how the company connects people, businesses and communities in ways that advance social and economic progress and environmental sustainability.

2017 Global Citizenship Report
Every day, in countless ways, FedEx empowers team members, customers, change-makers and community advocates to take action; from job opportunities to safer, more sustainable communities, these everyday heroes deliver it forward.

FedEx Bets on Automation as it Prepares to Fend Off Uber and Amazon
The shipping giant is investing in autonomous trucks, and is interested in delivery robots and an Alexa app.

Armstrong & Associates Releases “Keep it Running: The Quintessential Spare Parts Logistics Report”
The report includes global spare parts logistics market estimates, which are further calculated at the country/region level and for major industry verticals, and details the logistics capabilities of seven leading providers.

Logistics is 90% Software - the Other Half is Labor
The decision to invest in software enhancements can be overwhelming when considering that many large companies spend as much as 30% of annual revenue on information technology systems.

5 Catalysts to Outsource Logistics
Today's consumer-driven retail strategies are making it more difficult than ever to run an efficient, cost-effective supply chain.

What Does Amazon’s E-Commerce Domination Mean for Logistics Service Providers?
Logistics Service Providers have profited from aligning themselves with the e-commerce giant’s rapid growth, however, as Amazon evolves, many LSPs risk being left with their head in the sand.

Four Steps to Optimize Your Supply Chain: A To-Do List for Efficiency
Acquisitions. Organic Growth. Two of the many reasons your supply chain can become fragmented, inefficient, uneconomical and cause challenges.

Teachable Moments: A New Supply Chain for a Changing Industry
When an industry is facing serious change, companies must adapt in order to survive.

Product Lifecycle Logistics: Big Picture. Big Value
Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers Can Reduce Supply Chain Costs 10%–20% with Product Lifecycle Logistics.

The Omni-Returns Experience: Any where, any time - the consumer is in charge
In today's customer-driven environment, you're only as good as your last customer experience.

Managing Reverse Logistics to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency and Reduce Cost
Reverse logistics can represent a significant chunk of supply chain cost, and it’s typically not very well managed, it’s time to manage reverse as an integral part of supply chain management.

FedEx GENCO in E-Commerce Retail Logistics Push
With GENCO, FedEx will be able to offer its customers the package return service as well as delivery.

FedEx to Buy Logistics Company GENCO
A recognized leader in reverse logistics, GENCO transforms the FedEx suite of e-commerce and supply chain solutions.


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