Delivering It Forward at FedEx Supply Chain

FedEx recently released the Deliver It Forward 2017 Global Citizenship Report, showcasing how the company connects people, businesses and communities in ways that advance social and economic progress and environmental sustainability.

The report reinforces that global citizenship is a core part of our mission and business strategy — reflecting who we are as a company.

At FedEx Supply Chain, we implemented several critical programs in fiscal year 2016 (ended May 31, 2016), to enhance our global citizenship efforts.

Namely, we adopted Quality Driven Management as a means of driving continuous improvement throughout our organization, and we launched several diversity and inclusion initiatives.

We’re proud to be a part of the enterprise-wide global citizenship effort, which covers three primary areas: Economy, Environment and People. Here’s a breakdown of how our organization is working to connect the world responsibly and resourcefully.


FedEx connects more than 99 percent of global GDP — providing a unique opportunity for the company to deliver a positive impact around the world. With its global reach, our organization works to create a diverse workforce, supplier base and culture to better serve customers. In FY16, FedEx spent $9.2 billion with small, women-owned and minority-owned suppliers, a 37 percent increase from FY15.

FedEx Supply Chain supports those initiatives in the following ways:

  • Our supplier diversity program features a mentoring process that identifies eligible suppliers and helps them pursue diversity status to improve their business potential.
  • We’ve established relationships with 43 qualified diversity-status vendors, representing 15 percent of our total procurement spend in FY16.
  • Our team members generated charitable contributions as part of the FedEx Cares charitable giving program.
  • We were also recognized as one of the top fundraisers at the Pittsburgh Heart Walk, an event hosted by the American Heart Association.


From upgrading air and ground fleets to empowering team members through EarthSmart® programs, FedEx delivers industry-leading innovation to reduce environmental impact. In FY16 alone, FedEx avoided more than two million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions through fuel and energy-saving initiatives across the company.

FedEx also saved more than 153 million gallons of jet fuel in FY16 by continuing to modernize its aircraft fleet and improve operations. That’s the equivalent of 230 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

At FedEx Supply Chain, we’re working diligently to align with the rest of the enterprise in those sustainability efforts:

  • This fiscal year, we formalized our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) department dedicated to improving our compliance with regulatory issues and driving sustainability for the betterment of our team members, customers and communities.
  • Our team members also participated in programs to help drive sustainability within their communities by working with the Friends of the Riverfront to plant new trees along the north shore of Pittsburgh’s Allegheny River.


FedEx fosters a diverse, safety first culture where team members receive the support, development and opportunity they need to deliver exceptional service and give back to our communities.

Once again, FORTUNE ranked FedEx as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies,” marking the 17th consecutive year that the company has ranked among the top 20. FORTUNE also named FedEx as one of the “10 Best Workplaces for African-Americans.”

Also aligned with our people first culture, FedEx Supply Chain supports team members who wish to give back to the communities in which they live and work:

  • On multiple occasions, team members applied their logistics expertise to support the Tarrant Area Food Bank in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • To date, FedEx Supply Chain team members have collected nearly three tons of food for the Tarrant Area Food Bank.

Delivering It Forward

These are just a few of the many ways that team members from FedEx Supply Chain are helping to drive corporate citizenship.

Download the Paper: 2017 Global Citizenship Report

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