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Moody’s: Carbon Offsets Open Supply Chains Up to Financial, Reputational Risks
A new report from Moody's finds that companies that rely on buying carbon offsets as an emisisons-reduction strategy could face financial and reputational harm.
Tony Hatch, ABH Consulting Reviews the State of the Freight Railroad Market
In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Logistics Management and the Peerless Media Supply Chain Group, interviews Tony Hatch, principal of ABH Consulting.
Railroad Activity Inside The Beltway with Ian Jefferies, President and CEO, AAR
In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Logistics Management and the Peerless Media Supply Chain Group, welcomes back Ian Jefferies, President and CEO of the Association of American Railroads (AAR) in Washington, D.C.
Transport Analytics for Enterprise Rail Visibility
KALERIS, a leading provider of cloud-based transportation and asset management solutions for improved supply chain execution, launches real-time analytics for industrial and finished goods shippers, service providers, and carriers.

Rail Resources

Growth in Intermodal Rail Leads to New Warehouse Real Estate
Trucking is by far the predominant mode of shipping in the U.S., but it has its constraints,...
Customer-Driven Rail Intermodal Logistics: Unlocking a New Source of Value for China
China, and its national railway operator China Railway Corporation (CRC), are in the midst of a particularly favorable...

Rail News

Revitalized Rail Offers Answers to Complex Logistics Puzzle
Due to the driver shortage, highway congestion, lack of sufficient investment in highway infrastructure, and the current capacity crunch in trucking, savvy shippers are turning to rail with the help of their 3PL.

Ten Years After: The Second Intermodal Revolution
A White Paper Sponsored by the Association of American Railroads and the Intermodal Association of North America.

Rail & Intermodal Providers Continue Their Service Promises to Shippers
Through record-high investments and a keen focus on service, rail and intermodal providers are still delivering on their service promise to shippers - and doing it with improved efficiency.

China Wants To Build a Rail Line to USA
Chinese experts 'in discussions' over building high-speed Beijing-US railway - 'China-Russia-Canada-America line' would run for 13,000km across Siberia and pass under Bering Strait through 200km tunnel.

The Logistics of Transporting Wind Turbines
Reducing Inefficiencies, Costs and Community Impact by Streamlining the Supply Chain.

Transportation & Logistics Companies Reap the Benefits of U.S. Shale Gas Boom, Says PwC US
As the shale energy revolution is gaining speed in the U.S., transportation and logistics companies are experiencing an immediate and dramatic impact, according to a new PwC US report, Shale Energy: A potential game changer – Implications for the US transportation & logistics industry.

Will the U.S. Government Shutdown Impact Transportation?
All eyes are on Congress regarding funding to keep the U.S. government open. If the government does shutdown, between 800,000 and 2.1 million employees across the federal government will not be at work. This will include some who work to keep our freight moving safely across the country and the world.

The New State of Logistics: Rail
Much like a top athlete perfecting his craft, the railroad sector has stayed ahead of its competitors by focusing on the fundamentals. On the rails, it’s been strong service and reliability, two basics that never go out of style. And because of this hyper-focus, the sector has seen domestic intermodal volumes return to pre-recession levels and carloads trending in the right direction, down only 2 percent on a year-to-date basis.

“Modal Agnostic” - Seeking Capacity When and Where it Makes the Most Economic Sense
Today’s savviest logistics practitioners are driving out costs from the transportation system and creating new “omni-channel” distribution networks designed to take advantage of customers’ changing buying habits. The results of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ 24th Annual State of Logistics Report, co-sponsored by Penske Logistics, shows that the sharpest logistics management professionals are saving their companies millions in transport, warehouse, and shipping costs.

Is Your Logistics Provider a Strategic Partner in Your Supply Chain Operations?
You make your business decisions on the best information you can. But it’s easy to be held back by assumptions that don’t always hold up. Busting the following two major myths and constituent assumptions will help you make the best decisions you can with regard to choosing a logistics company.

NASSTRAC Study Takes a Wide Look at Shipper Insights
A recently released study from the National Shippers Strategic Council (NASSTRAC), entitled “Freight Transportation 2013,” revealed many interesting takeaways on various links of today’s supply chain operations and performance.

Freight Transportation 2013: State of the Industry Report
This report explores shippers’ perspectives of emerging trends in the freight transportation industry. It addresses issues related to business strategy, collaboration practices, carrier selection, rates, capacity, mode selection, outsourcing, advocacy issues, technology, sustainability, and more.

CSX Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal Overview
The Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal is truly a state-of-the-art facility unlike any the world has seen before. It's a revolution in rail that serves the millions of Americans who rely on the products carried on CSX's intermodal network.

An Overview of Norfolk Southern’s 2012 Sustainability Report
This is Norfolk Southern’s fifth annual corporate sustainability report. It discloses the railroad’s significant environmental, economic, and social impacts to provide stakeholders a way to assess our commitment to corporate sustainability.

Norfolk Southern Crescent Corridor Project - Past, Present, Crescent
See how Norfolk Southern is working to help solve the nation's transportation crisis, relieve highway congestion, save fuel, improve safety, and protect the environment. The Crescent Corridor is Norfolk Southern's most ambitious public-private partnership.

Restarting America’s Most Essential Operating System: Unlocking Freight
The transportation system that supports the movement of freight across America is facing a crisis. Our highways, railroads, ports, and waterways require investment well beyond current levels to maintain – much less improve – their performance. Millions of jobs and our nation’s long-term economic health are at risk.

Restarting America’s Most Essential Operating System: Unlocking Gridlock
In this first of a three-part report, Transportation Reboot describes what is changing in America and why those changes demand new transportation capacity. Future segments address the capacity increases required to meet the burgeoning freight demand, and to access the economic might of rural America.

Restarting America’s Most Essential Operating System: Connecting Communities
Rural states are essential to the nation’s success, not only to meet the needs of their own citizens, but also to maintain their part of the national network on which the U.S. economy depends. Highways across rural states also serve as a “bridge” for traffic between population centers for people and freight.

National Gateway The Future of Freight
Infrastructure enhancements such as the National Gateway are critical for rail transportation to help create jobs, promote growth and sustain the environment.

The North American Freight Railroad Resurgence - Possible Prosperous Times Ahead?
Rail investments have often had a significant level of public investment. Investing public money in projects that would help a private company grow its revenues could be seen as a boondoggle. However, there are two such projects that I support, the National Gateway project and the Crescent Corridor.

Featured Companies

Scarbrough International
Headquartered in the heart of America, Kansas City, Missouri – Scarbrough International, Ltd. is a full service international and domestic logistics provider with offices throughout the Midwest USA. With an office in Shanghai and partner offices in each country across the…
MODE Transportation
Since 1989, MODE Transportation has been focused on delivering trusted freight solutions across all modes of shipping, including intermodal, truckload, less-than-truckload, air, sea, supply chain and parcel services. With more than 100 operations centers across North America, a diverse network of carriers…
Exceptional personal service and renowned expertise set us apart from the competition. The premier freight shipping companies of ABF Freight and ABF Logistics go the extra mile day in and day out so our customers can have total confidence in…
Landstar’s network of independent agents and transportation capacity providers offers greater flexibility and a local presence that has a global reach. The Landstar network is unmatched in the industry. With 1,300 independent agents, 10,000+ leased owner operators, 16,000+ trailers and 59,000 other available…
Canadian National Railway Company
A rich history and a bright future. We are more than just a railroad. We are a transportation company that offers integrated transportation services: rail, intermodal, trucking, freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution. We continue to deliver the goods year in…
Crossrail Ltd (CRL) is a company which was established in 2001 to promote and develop these vital links to meet the needs of people and businesses throughout the South East, and to ensure that London continues in its role as the…
TranSystems brings to its clients an unusually wide reach and depth of resources in developing solutions for the world of transportation. We are focused on providing consulting expertise to enhance the overall transportation experience. We bring unique and innovative solutions…
ShipXpress is the premier provider of cloud-based software solutions which enable transportation, industrial, and commodities businesses to efficiently operate and collaborate with their supply chain partners. Major North American railroads and Fortune 500 companies in the energy, agriculture, chemicals, and metal…
Yusen Logistics
Yusen Logistics is an award-winning global logistics provider with 60 years of expertise in freight forwarding and transportation. With over 20,000 employees and 475 offices, we service Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and North America. Along with our global and domestic network, we…
Southeastern Freight Lines
The driving force behind our company is our commitment to adding value through everything we do or, as our motto says, providing Quality Without Question. We knew from the beginning that our associates are the keys to achieving that quality.…
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