The Logistics of Transporting Wind Turbines

Reducing Inefficiencies, Costs and Community Impact by Streamlining the Supply Chain.

With the focus on renewable energy worldwide, the rising cost of traditional energy, increased concerns about global warming and government support of alternative energy sources; wind power is becoming more popular and growing as a viable sustainable energy business segment.

However, several challenges face this developing industry. Because of the unusual length, shape and weight of wind energy components, logistics and transportation are complex and extremely expensive.

This white paper will look at the logistical challenges facing wind energy components, and the advantage of using an experienced transportation provider to help reduce inefficiencies, costs and community impact by streamlining the supply chain.

The Winds of Change - Demand and The Industry
According to the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), “Wind power keeps improving in big and small ways. Advances in technology and soaring global energy costs are making wind power a clean and viable option for big and small energy producers everywhere.”

“From major power producers looking for cleaner ways to produce energy for the grid to inventive companies searching for alternative ways to power their plants – even down to the individual who wants to live off-grid – it’s the people who believe in wind who power it.”

In early 2008, world wind capacity reached 121,188 MW, that’s the equivalent of producing enough electricity to power 37 million households. According to the World Energy Council, if the current growth rate continues, global capacity will reach 190,000 MW by 2010.

As the need for cleaner and cheaper energy grows, the industry continues to grow. Worldwide it was worth over 40 billion € in 2008. The true potential for growth really is astounding, with the industry now doubling in size every three years.

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