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Moody’s: Carbon Offsets Open Supply Chains Up to Financial, Reputational Risks
A new report from Moody's finds that companies that rely on buying carbon offsets as an emisisons-reduction strategy could face financial and reputational harm.
5 Tips to Help Your Supply Chain Navigate Panama Canal Restrictions
As the drought continues to hamper ocean vessel traffic in the Panama Canal, AlixPartners offers tips on how shippers can manage the current crisis.
Panama Canal Backlog Threatens Holiday Inventories
Low water levels have caused a backlog of container vessels at the Panama Canal, and that could impact the ability of businesses to restock inventories in time for the holiday shopping season.
Maersk Hopes to Automate As Much As 80% of Logistics Within 7 Years
In an interview with a Danish newspaper, Maersk CTO Navneet Kapoor said the company is using AI to automate as much as 20% of its logistics tasks today and hopes to increase that to 80% within seven years.

Ocean Resources

2023 Container Shipping Outlook: This Time is Different
The days of maximum turmoil in the container shipping industry appear to have passed, but that doesn’t...
What’s the Return-on-Investment of an Ocean Freight Tracking System?
In this paper, we aim to demonstrate how the strategic use of OFTS can drive tangible business benefits....

Ocean News

Shipping Practices that are Cost Efficient and Green
Expanded emissions model enables "Green" decision making for shippers

Is Your Logistics Provider a Strategic Partner in Your Supply Chain Operations?
You make your business decisions on the best information you can. But it’s easy to be held back by assumptions that don’t always hold up. Busting the following two major myths and constituent assumptions will help you make the best decisions you can with regard to choosing a logistics company.

A Better Way to Ship Truckload & LTL Freight with Freightopolis
Jack Pollak, an owner of a successful freight brokerage for over a decade, saw first-hand the inefficiencies and inequalities of the entire shipping business -- the incredible amount of back-and-forth calls involved in getting quotes and booking freight -- just for a single load.

NASSTRAC Study Takes a Wide Look at Shipper Insights
A recently released study from the National Shippers Strategic Council (NASSTRAC), entitled “Freight Transportation 2013,” revealed many interesting takeaways on various links of today’s supply chain operations and performance.

Freight Transportation 2013: State of the Industry Report
This report explores shippers’ perspectives of emerging trends in the freight transportation industry. It addresses issues related to business strategy, collaboration practices, carrier selection, rates, capacity, mode selection, outsourcing, advocacy issues, technology, sustainability, and more.

Trade Tech’s CEO Bryn Heimbeck on How Cloud Technology is Reshaping Online Bookings
With the cloud, every handoff is automatically recorded, and everyone involved can see it—the manufacturers and suppliers, the freight companies, the truck dispatchers, and the buyer.

Trade Tech’s Heimbeck Explains How Technology Can Streamline Trade
Bryn Heimbeck, president of Trade Tech, explains how his company's technology allows shippers and forwarders to streamline their sales, operations and accounting processes.

Trade Tech is First US Provider Authorized to File Manifests Under Japan’s New 24-Hour Rule
Japan’s Advance Filing Rules require vessel operators and NVOCCs to electronically submit detailed information on maritime container cargoes at least 24 hours before departure of the vessel from a port of loading. Japan’s 24-hour rule mirrors requirements already in place for the US, Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

Restarting America’s Most Essential Operating System: Unlocking Freight
The transportation system that supports the movement of freight across America is facing a crisis. Our highways, railroads, ports, and waterways require investment well beyond current levels to maintain – much less improve – their performance. Millions of jobs and our nation’s long-term economic health are at risk.

Restarting America’s Most Essential Operating System: Unlocking Gridlock
In this first of a three-part report, Transportation Reboot describes what is changing in America and why those changes demand new transportation capacity. Future segments address the capacity increases required to meet the burgeoning freight demand, and to access the economic might of rural America.

Restarting America’s Most Essential Operating System: Connecting Communities
Rural states are essential to the nation’s success, not only to meet the needs of their own citizens, but also to maintain their part of the national network on which the U.S. economy depends. Highways across rural states also serve as a “bridge” for traffic between population centers for people and freight.

Top 25 Freight Forwarders Thriving in the Complexity of Global Trade
With the Eurozone in full free fall, the continent’s forwarding giants continue to dominate the global market. This disconnect can be explained, say analysts, by the fact that these leaders adhere to one fundamental business practice: building upon established worldwide networks.

UPS Introduces New Cloud-Based Technology Platform to Improve International Supply Chain Management
UPS enhances its global ocean and air freight forwarding product, UPS Supplier Management, with the introduction of UPS Order Watch, a cloud-based technology platform that allows customers to more efficiently collaborate with international suppliers and better manage their inbound supply chains.

Maersk Line Connects with GT Nexus as a Cloud based e-Commerce Services Provider
Maersk Line, the world's largest ocean container shipping company, has contracted with GT Nexus to provide Maersk Line’s customers with advanced e-commerce capabilities.

GTM Case Study: How a Fortune 500 CPG Company Saved $12M by Reexamining Its Ocean Spending
When transportation and commodity costs rise like they did from 2006 through 2008, many companies examine their logistics spending to look for ways to save money. Should they switch carriers? Should they find alternative sources closer to home? Are carriers actually charging the agreed-upon rates?

UPS Customer Experience Study
UPS commissioned a study by comScore polling more than 3,100 online shoppers to gain insight into the consumer online shopping experience. Unlike most customer experience surveys, the study evaluates consumer shopping habits and preferences from pre-purchase to post-delivery, including areas such as free shipping and returns.

Gilt Logistics and UPS Create an Elegant Customer Experience
Using UPS customized logistics, this e-retailer improved its bottom line and customer experience, becoming an industry leader in the process.

Featured Companies

Jacobson Companies
Jacobson Companies is a leading third party logistics company offering end-to-end supply chain management solutions around the globe. A Des Moines, Iowa, based company, Jacobson’s extensive network includes 195 facilities worldwide operating 35 million square feet of warehouse space. Jacobson also…
PSA International
PSA is a leading global port group and a trusted partner to cargo stakeholders around the world. With flagship operations in Singapore and Antwerp, PSA’s portfolio comprises a network of over 50 coastal, rail and inland terminals in 19 countries.
Sinotrans Integrated Logistics Australia (SILA) is a part of the Sinotrans & CSC global network. Established in 1950, Sinotrans & CSC, with HQ located in Beijing is China’s largest shipping and logistics group.
Gemini Shippers Group
Gemini Shippers Group is a not-for-profit organization that has become a leading logistics player in international trade by serving its members for nearly 100 years. The group includes the Gemini Shippers Association and the Fashion Accessories Shippers Association (FASA).
SimpliShip is focused on developing international logistics technology that amplifies business capabilities required to keep pace in today’s rapidly evolving supply chain. Concentrating on API connectivity and freight procurement innovation, SimpliShip creates solutions that empower companies of all sizes…
Deringer delivers ongoing value by taking the time to understand your evolving business needs and forging long term partnerships. Our caring people work with you to develop tailored solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce overall supply chain costs, and manage risk…
R+L Carriers
R+L Carriers is a freight shipping company based in the United States. With nearly 50 years of service, R+L Carriers, Inc. has grown from one truck to a fleet of nearly 13,000 tractors and trailers. R+L Carriers serves a…
A freight forwarder reinvented with technology. iContainers is the cutting edge web platform with which importers exporters compare rates in real time and manage their maritime shipments quickly and easily from beginning to end. The technology at iContainers makes it…
CH Powell
As a core member of the Tandem Global Logistics network, we provide professional, global logistics services to facilitate and support international trade between our clients and their worldwide partners. Beyond provision of timely, economical carriage of cargo, we coordinate export…
Global Trade Management Inc
GTM will work as distributors and/or representatives of the companies posted on our website and will provide most domestic services in the U.S. such as warranties and shipping. Because we have a firm in Beijing…
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Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the potential of various resources available in a warehouse and how they can be utilized...
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
A whitepaper on supply chain insights gleaned at the LEED-certified gold Cleveland transportation and sustainability summit.

20 Warehouse & Distribution Center Best Practices for Your Supply Chain
20 Warehouse & Distribution Center Best Practices for Your Supply Chain
In this guide, we picked the brains of our supply chain engineers to find ways to improve warehouse and distribution center efficiency...
SOLOCHAIN WMS plus a Guide to Warehouse Management Systems
SOLOCHAIN WMS plus a Guide to Warehouse Management Systems
In these 2 'papers' Solochain WMS, we detail Manufacturing Execution System capabilities and Generix's portfolio of SCM solutions to manage all distribution logistics,...
Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
An investigation into how supply chains have changed, where they are heading, and how you can prepare.