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Improve Warehouse Operations with Quick and Accurate Product Data
How a retail chain used dimensioning data to optimize storage space and improve operations.
Next-Generation Data Capture Technology Emerges
New types of “edge” technologies promise new options for real-time location insights - learn how these emerging forms of data capture might supplement traditional AIDC as well as the importance of software platforms, analytics, and applications that take advantage of...
Boost Efficiency in your Retail Distribution Center with RFID
RFID technology offers a long list of proven benefits to retailers seeking to enhance their supply chain.
Ensuring RFID Optimization and Bottom Line Payoff
If a company’s RFID system today is still the original “slap and ship” system adopted to simply satisfy the requirements of a supply chain partner, it may as well be slapping dollar bills onto those cartons and pallets.

Auto ID & Data Capture Resources

How to Implement RFID to Track RTIs - Part 2
There are different tracking technologies with their strengths and weaknesses, but which one is best suited for efficiently...
Why Use RFID to Track RTIs - Part 1
In this whitepaper, you will learn how different identification technology can be assigned to RTI's and how to...

Auto ID & Data Capture News

Supply Chain Services Deliver Lanter Delivery Systems Barcoding and Rugged Mobile Computers
At Lanter Delivery Systems, customers don’t have time to wait for standard shipping. They need reliable pre-8am, next day delivery. And, they need to know the shipment is on its way and when it will arrive; because every minute counts. Lanter requires the best in shipment management, end-to-end tracking, and reporting. From day one, Supply Chain has been by their side.

Data Collection Solutions Are No Longer Optional
While automated data collection (ADC) solutions are not new, they are evolving with the automatic identification (AutoID) technology and enterprise technologies to provide more timely and accurate data; but, more importantly, more robust data.

Supply Chain Services Barcode Data Collection Solutions
If you need a data collection solution that delivers value and is scalable to grow with your company, depend on Supply Chain Services to deliver solutions that work … just like they are supposed to.

Honeywell’s Thor VM2 Vehicle-Mount Computer
Solidifying Honeywell’s position as the leader in vehicle-mount computing, the Thor VM2 builds on the best-in-class Thor VM1 that was created specifically to address the unique challenges of supply chain applications. Comparatively equipped to reduce operator downtime and capital investment, the Thor VM2 leverages the same platform and innovative features as the well-known Thor VM1 vehicle-mount computer.

Remote MasterMind 3.0 Mobile Device & Bar Code Scanner Management Solution
Remote MasterMind 3.0 Mobile Device & Bar Code Scanner Management Solution. Remote MasterMind™ is Honeywell’s comprehensive solution for companies looking to secure, manage, update, and remotely troubleshoot their mobile computers and bar code scanners from a single location.

Honeywell Launches Next Generation Vehicle-Mount Computer
Honeywell announced the Thor VM2, its tenth generation vehicle-mount computer (VMC) that provides the mobile workforce with unprecedented flexibility and productivity. Featuring a larger 9.7 inch XGA display screen, the Thor VM2 builds off the successful Thor VM1, utilizing breakthrough mobile technology to create immediate time savings and protection against unplanned disruptions in the supply chain.

LXE efficiently and effectively helps cold storage company in Brazil reach its production goals
For years, as the demand for Standard Logística’s services increased, the previous storage control technology was not capable of functioning properly at temperatures from -25°C to -30°C. The previous model used by the company frequently caused technical difficulties, which required moving the machines to another sector for maintenance or for software updates.

Automating your field force – Functionality
Six Final Questions This final white paper in the series will ex­amine the steps required to deter­mine which operating system to choose, and which functionality a device must have in order to best meet your needs. Part 4 of 4 part series.

Automating Your Field Force - Form Factor
Selecting the right form factor for the job is essential to the success or failure of your mobile deployment. This white paper will help you to strike the right balance to support all required functionality. Part 3 of 4 part series.

Automating Your Field Force - Consumer vs. Rugged
This white paper will help you to analyze work environment, failure rates, and total cost of ownership as you choose between rugged and consumer devices. Part 2 of 4 part series.

Automating your field force – Paper vs. Automation
This white paper will help you determine whether it makes sense to switch from a legacy paper-based system to a mobile solution. In most cases, that comes down to assessing and understanding the specific needs of your workers. Part 1 of 4 part series.

Dissecting Honeywell’s Intermec Acquisition: The Potential Road Ahead
It's been a few weeks since Honeywell announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Intermec. While this continues to be subject to regulatory approvals, in this blog post I share some thoughts on how this deal may shape up and impact the barcode vendor landscape. Intermec is an active participant in two barcode technology hardware markets – Barcode Printers and Handheld Barcode Scanners.

Paperless Productivity Solutions for Manufacturing & Logistics
Think about all of the paperless technology you have come to rely on in your personal life which dramatically improves efficiency, but has never been applied to operations in cyclic applications at your workplace… we enable real savings in the enterprise by applying our leading technology in e-paper, mobility integration and RFID combined with domain knowledge coded into integrated software solutions.

Intermec Advanced RFID Extensions (ARX)
Intermec introduces the first tag motion software toolkit in a standardized reporting format. Intermec Advanced RFID Extensions (ARX) effectively identifies RFID tags of interest and discriminates surrounding tags, providing customers and software integrators the tools to essentially eliminate false-positive reporting of tags.

American Apparel finds the right fit with RFID
American Apparel was looking for a smarter way to meet their goals and, from what they had learned, item-level RFID looked like precisely the solution they wanted. Given the control the company has over its own manufacturing, distribution and retail operations, the plan was to reap the benefits of RFID not only on the retail floor, but throughout its closed loop supply chain.

Item-level RFID: A Competitive Differentiator
Item-level RFID is becoming a competitive differentiator for several leading companies in the retail supply chain. Chain-wide rollouts by a number of North America’s largest clothing retailers are a clear sign that this technology will soon be broadly adopted by the industry.

Featured Companies

Speech Interface Design
Since 1993, retail, distribution and manufacturing companies have turned to Speech Interface Design for Voice Picking and Voice-Directed Work solutions to improve their operational and bottom line performance. We are Experts in Delivering the Value of Voice.
RFID Research Center University of Arkansas
More than 30 industry-leading companies joined forces to found the research center with the University of Arkansas to support a multidisciplinary, neutral, third-party research and testing facility. The RFID Research Center officially opened its first laboratory on June 10, 2005, after receiving $2 million…
Zebra Technologies
Zebra offers technologies that give a virtual voice to an organization’s assets, people and transactions, enabling organizations to unlock greater business value. The company’s extensive portfolio of marking and printing technologies, including RFID and real-time location solutions, illuminates…
Toshiba America Business Solutions
Irvine, Calif.-based Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) is an independent operating company of Toshiba Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company and the world’s eighth-largest integrated electronics manufacturer. TABS provides printing, scanning and copying solutions, managed document services and digital…
At BlueCats, we provide an integrated location platform that grows with you and provides complete visibility of your workplace, indoors or outdoors. Whether you’re looking to track workers and materials on a worksite, gain visibility into your inventory every…
Pepperl + Fuchs
From logistics centers to warehouses and airports, our comprehensive product portfolio offers the ideal solutions for material handling applications. While goods have to be quickly and accurately distributed to their intended destination, safety and efficiency must also be top of…
Logistyx Technologies
Logistyx Technologies optimizes businesses’ transportation management execution with industry-leading software, hardware, and knowledge. This unique, comprehensive package offers a configurable solution for smarter shipping anywhere by leveraging a global carrier network and predictive analytics for data and value-driven decisions.
Smartrac is a leading vendor of RFID products and IoT solutions, providing both ready-made and customized offerings. We make products smart, and enable businesses to identify, authenticate, track and complement products and solutions. Our portfolio is used in a wide…
Accu-Sort is a world leader in designing, building, and installing engineered automatic identification solutions to help companies improve their material handling and distribution operations. We offer a full spectrum of engineered solutions, including laser bar code scanners and CCD-based bar…
Improve inventory tracking, management and identification of products with Turck’s RFID hardware, systems, services and software. Today’s smart warehouses rely on solutions from Turck to solve a variety of applications, including speeding up data performance for faster fulfillment,…
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