Passive RFID Tags: Cost-effective Technology for Tracking Trailers and Shipments

With accurate and reliable data collection, error-free entry processes, and the elimination of lag time and human error, the PINC RFID Tags deliver visibility you can depend on.

PINC Radio-Frequency Identification

PINC Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags bring yard management into the 21st century.

The new compact footprint and nearly indestructible case house the latest in passive RFID technology.

The PINC Permanent and Temporary RFID Tags make tracking assets in the yard easier than ever before.

The latest PINC RFID Tags feature extreme impact resistance and wide temperature range ratings, for improved location accuracy.

The First Step to Yard Visibility

PINC RFID Tags enhance real-time visibility of trailers and shipments within the PINC Advanced Yard Management System (YMS).

As a trailer enters the yard, a PINC RFID Reader scans the encoded information and immediately uploads the data to the PINC YMS server to confirm the trailer.

PINC YMS provides up-to-the-minute visibility for assets in an easy to use cloud-based, web application.

Users view tagged trailers location and aging status within the yard – secure anywhere, anytime access.

RFID vs. Barcode Technology

PINC RFID Tags work in any type of weather – rain, snow, sleet, and mud.

Mud is the enemy of barcode-based tags because it can obscure the view of the number.

PINC only uses the barcode to identify the tag during registration, and then relies on RFID technology for tracking the trailer in the yard.

Easy to Install and Register

PINC RFID Tags are easy to install. PINC Temporary RFID Tags use two powerful magnets to securely attach them to a trailer.

Built-in handles make removing them easy.

Permanent RFID Tags are attached using the recommended hardware and drill settings.

Next, to register the PINC RFID Tag, simply scan the Quick Response (QR) label on any smartphone or tablet and complete the fields on the registration web site.

Once registered, the Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) code and trailer stay together, independent of random yard designations. You can now reliably track the trailer on your PINC Solutions web application.

Accurate, Fast Check-in and Check-out Processes

PINC Permanent RFID Tags are used by carriers and private fleets that enter the same yards frequently.

When installed on a trailer, PINC Permanent Tags provide consistent data across the fleet, accelerate check-in, and check-out, and enable managers and carriers to gain reliable visibility to trailers across multiple locations.

Temporary RFID Tags enable tracking of all other trailers.

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