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Perpetual Power Comes for AMRs
Warehouse operators looking to find even more uptime for their mobile robots may have an option as CaPow enters the U.S. market. The perpetual motion power company says its system can provide 100% uptime with on-the-go charging.
Emerging AI Regulatory Ecosystems: Implications for Businesses and Regulators
While many countries have implemented national AI strategies, not all countries and territories take the same approach to AI governance and regulation. Different approaches are connected to a country's existing institutions, including culture and value systems and economic considerations, e...
New Goods-to-Robot Systems Take E-Fulfillment to the Next Level
Over two decades ago, the internet made its way into households, retail, and manufacturing environments, providing a foundation for commerce to occur in a more rapid and convenient fashion; since then, ecommerce has undoubtedly become the platform of choice for...
Precise Fine Positioning for Single and Double-Deep Racking
SICK’s new Rack Fine Positioning app and InspectorP 2D vision sensor provides a more efficient method to accomplish fine positioning tasks.

Automation Resources

Unlocking the Benefits of a Microservices Based WMS for Warehouse Automation
Discover Pivotree's WMS solution, a modular, microservices-based WMS that gives organizations the flexibility to automate operations, address business...
Sparck Technologies’ Ecommerce Automated Packaging Solution
As the largest ecommerce food service equipment and supplies dealer in the nation, WebstaurantStore’s mission is to...

Automation News

JIT and Supply Chain Risks Need To Be Mitigated Try Carousels & Vertical Lift Modules
The real question is can you implement smaller solutions to equal the reward with little or less risk? Utilizing simple automation in manufacturing and distribution can be a far greater and less riskier solution.

6 Reasons Why Should Consider Saving Space and Time with Vertical Storage & Retrieval Systems
Automated storage and retrieval systems, such as Vertical Carousels and Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) take advantage of unused overhead space to recover 60% to 85% of the floor space typically required by shelving and drawer systems.

Bard Installs a New Materials Handling System using FORTE’s Automation Director™ WCS
After a thorough WMS needs analysis, vendor evaluation and selection, we integrated the WMS with the new material handling system utilizing FORTE’s Automation Director™ WCS.

What’s Next for Automated Material Handling Solutions Provider Intelligrated?
A “what’s next” conversation with Greg Cronin, an executive vice president with Intelligrated about the acquisition of Datria Systems, a provider of Voice over IP voice recognition solutions.

Translating Productivity into Prosperity How to Make Working Smarter Boost Your Bottom Line
Automated storage and retrieval systems, such as vertical and horizontal carousels and vertical lift modules (VLMs), can increase productivity by 2/3 or more.

Bastian Solutions Exacta Order Fulfillment
Choosing the right technology for your fulfillment operation is priority number one in achieving your business goals and gaining competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Bastian Solutions Exacta Pick to Light vs. Voice Picking, What You Need to Know
If your distribution center is stuck in low gear, conducting manual picking or fighting underwhelming pick rates, consider the benefits of installing picking technology to better match your order fulfillment needs.

Amway Installs a New Automated Material Handling System Capable of Managing 30,000 Cartons a Day
Amway - a leading direct seller of nutrition, wellness, beauty, and home care products—needed to streamline operations to increase efficiencies and improve customer experience.

Bastian Solutions The 5 Pillars of Warehouse Control Systems
In this webinar, Bastian Solutions will cover the traditional functions of warehouse control systems, how they optimize warehouse operations, and the five "pillars" that all modern warehouse control systems should contain.

System logistics directPick™ lights up Elizabeth Arden with over 13,000 pick faces
Elizabeth Arden selected System Logistics to provide a pick to light system for the expanded distribution center. With over 13,000 DirectPick™ pick faces, they are now able to meet the increased demand at the facility.

System Logistics Full Case Order Picking Systems
Our full case order picking systems apply varying levels of warehouse automation based on the requirements of the application. Optimizing your picking processes, these solutions minimize your labor requirements, reduce the amount of floor space required for storage, improve ergonomics and eliminate errors, all while increasing the productivity and efficiency of your operation.

Robots in the Warehouse and Expanding Beyond Outdated Materials Handling Logistics Processes
Larry Sweet of Symbotic and Chris Ray of Hartness International presented their work in robotic applications of material handling in distribution centers covering the historical applications, the market drivers that are challenging these approaches and the emerging software and mobile robotic technologies that are attempting to solve these problems.

OPEX’s Perfect Pick Product Brochure
Perfect Pick is a unique, goods-to-person picking solution that dramatically improves the rate and efficiency that inventory moves through a warehouse or distribution center. Highly scalable and flexible, Perfect Pick is engineered to simplify the complexity associated with other technologies. Perfect Pick’s revolutionary “one-touch” design is based on a single component, the iBOT.

OPEX’s Perfect Pick Solution
While other automation manufacturers boast of achieving high pick rates, these material handling solutions typically require a substantial footprint and multiple components, or touch points, including elevators, conveyors or lifts.

OPEX Perfect Pick a Revolutionary Picking Solution Based on Proven iBOT Technology
OPEX's Perfect Pick™ is a unique, automated, high-speed, goods-to-man, piece picking solution based on proven iBOT™ delivery technology. Perfect Pick dramatically improves the rate and efficiency that goods move through a warehouse or distribution center.

Lenze-AC Tech Synchronized PositionServos Move Heavy Production Line
EWAB Engineering’s CS2000 conveyor system is designed for moving heavy objects up to 3306 lbs. along a production line process. A recent project required a carrier system for the automotive industry capable of moving very precisely and with variable speed. Four Lenze-AC Tech PositionServo drives provided the simple solution.

Lenze Packaging solutions
Lenze-AC Tech provides unique solutions for the industrial and commercial packaging industry. If your packaging application includes in-feed or constant-feed machines, labelers, fillers, wrappers or cartoners, the complete range of Lenze-AC Tech variable frequency drives (VFDs) and G-motion gear motor solutions offer you a very targeted, cost effective and reliable answer.

Lenze Material Handling and Logistics Solutions
Lenze's many years of experience in material handling technology, countless projects and applications places the company at the cutting edge of development in "Interlogistics" and roller conveyors, variable-speed belt conveyors, rotary tables, scissor lift tables, lifting stations, storage and retrieval units, palletizing systems, monorail overhead conveyor and automated guided vehicle systems.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Existing Distribution Operations
DC operations are continually under stress to reduce costs and improve throughout. The solution for many DC operators is to create and study detailed documentation of each functional area within the DC operation - the maps and metrics.

Building the Business Case for Automation: How to Evaluate Automation Investments
Gaining authorization to invest in DC improvements, including automation, is a challenging endeavor in most organizations. Overall economic conditions, along with individual business concerns such as availability of capital, competing capital projects and myriad obstacles potentially stand in the way. This white paper outlines the key requirements for development of an effective business case that will increase your likelihood for receiving senior management support.

Featured Companies

Factory Automation Systems
Factory Automation Systems, Inc. specializes in the integration of programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), computers, robotic technologies, motion control and drive systems, and other state-of-the-art technologies, in order to provide effective manufacturing process control and information systems. We are recognized…
Carter Control Systems
Carter Control Systems, CCS is a leading provider of automated material handling and industrial automation solutions to customers around the country. Headquartered in Frederick, MD, we provide a full range of equipment, controls and software that helps customers address all…
Jervis B. Webb
The Jervis B. Webb Company provides innovative material handling solutions that have become the gold standard in the industry. Our diversified line of products include conveyor systems, baggage handling system, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated storage and retrieval systems …
Vanderlande provides warehouse automation solutions for today’s most dynamic e-commerce, retail and omnichannel customers. Our fully integrated portfolio solves the complex needs of the world’s leading companies by seamlessly integrating innovative systems, configurable software and full life-cycle services.…
Dearborn Mid-West Company
Dearborn Mid-West Company (DMW) is the sought after partner for the design, integration and installation of complex material handling systems for hard working industries in North America and abroad. Key industries served include: Automotive, Industrial, Unit Material Handling and Construction.…
Jabil is a global product solutions company providing comprehensive services to electronics and technology companies in a broad range of industries. Jabil helps customers turn ideas into products with its wide breadth of design, manufacturing and product management capabilities; allowing…
Egemin Automation
Egemin Automation designs, integrates and maintains automated material handling solutions to improve the intralogistics processes in warehouses, production, and distribution. Egemin Automation offers standard and tailor-made automation solutions that enable its customers to remain one step ahead of the competition.
Baldor Electric
Baldor Electric Company is a leading marketer, designer and manufacturer of energy-saving industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, and adjustable speed drives. The company was founded on the premise that a better motor is one that uses less electricity,…
Savant Automation
Savant Automation, Inc. sells, engineers, installs, and services a full line of Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems including automatic guided carts, unit load carrier, tow units, fork units and automatic truck loading units. As a full-service, turnkey AGV system supplier, Savant…
VARGO is a team of fulfillment and distribution center specialists with expertise in systems integration, DC process improvement, and specialized material handling equipment.  For over four decades, we have been working with retailers,  manufacturers, wholesale and direct-to-consumer distributors to improve  …
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Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
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Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
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Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
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