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VARGO Company Profile

VARGO is a team of fulfillment and distribution center specialists with expertise in systems integration, DC process improvement, and specialized material handling equipment.  For over four decades, we have been working with retailers,  manufacturers, wholesale and direct-to-consumer distributors to improve   material handling operations and move beyond traditional distribution methodologies.

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3709 Parkway Lane
Hilliard, Ohio, 43026-1279
United States

VARGO News & Resources

How Third-Party Logistics Bid on New Proposals
Consumer demands are transforming supply chains, and a successful third-party logistics provider must be a partner in its customers’ transformations, the result: a substantial increase in services and capabilities.

Designing Distribution Centers: Shifting to an Automated System
The change from a manual operation to an automated system forces decision makers to develop a new view of the warehouse and the factors driving it.

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment 101: Applying Lean Practices to a Distribution Process
The rebirth of e-commerce is challenging the question "What’s taking the Distribution Center so long to implement a total lean solution?"

Increasing DC Throughput with Warehouse Execution Software & Warehouse Control Systems
Warehouse execution software and warehouse control systems enable new methods of wave releasing to increase throughput and keep workloads balanced.

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