4 Steps for Suppliers to Stand Out Via Safety Programs

By differentiating your firm via strong, systematic safety programs, you’ll have a better chance of attracting potential employers on top of reducing your overall supply chain risk. By Avetta

January 24, 2018

Safety programs are a great way for employers, suppliers, and contractors to attract potential employees and stand out from the crowd. A safety program benefits you as a supplier and makes you more attractive to prospective employers in several ways.

Potential employers are motivated by quality, cost, and on-time delivery.

Safety is a big component of both quality and cost, and when these are achieved, adverse incidents decline and on-time delivery rises. A good supplier or contractor can positively influence all three factors.

With this framework in mind we'll review the 4 steps outlined in this white paper:

1. Know the Pressures for Safety—and Respond

2. Lower Your Cost Structure Via Safety & Win More Bids

3. Safety Increases Your Quality & Value to the Employers

4. Automate Safety: Technologies to Drive Supplier Success

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