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Automated Right-Sized Packaging Solutions for E-Commerce
In this guide, we’ll share some of the challenges online retailers face and how a Right-Sized Packaging On Demand® solution can help.

Prologis research paper examines impact of various technologies on logistics real estate efficiency
The research paper, entitled “Future Proofing the Global Supply Chain:  How AI, Automation and Other Technologies Are Impacting Efficiency,” noted that logistics real estate investments outpaced revenue growth by 57% over the past decade despite advancements in automation and data analytics, which it labeled “the supply chain productivity paradox.”

Outside the Box: Why parcel shippers are suddenly focusing on packing
This webinar will discuss the recent focus on optimizing pack-out in major brands, highlighting its importance in annual shareholder letters. It will also explore the current state of packing efficiency, how big e-commerce brands are addressing the issue, and the impact of packing on margins and the environment.

Expert Advice: Retrofitting a Facility for Warehouse Automation
Sal Falzone and Semih Kocahasan of Rittal North America discuss what material handlers should consider when retrofitting a facility for warehouse automation.

Pack out automation: Flexibility on the rise
Providers of automated packaging and carton right-sizing solutions have thrived by offering systems that deliver on labor and parcel shipment savings— now they’re looking to further evolve by looking to use lighter materials and support flexible “box-first” workflows.

The Pallet Report 2023: Shape shift underway
New report reveals the types and sizes of pallets that companies are using, mechanisms used to secure the loads on the pallets and the broader role pallets are playing in global supply chains.

How Can 3PL Providers Capitalize on the E-Commerce Boom?
If you're a 3PL looking to expand your e-commerce capabilities, here are 4 actions to take now.

60 Seconds with Mike Field, President and CEO of Raymond’s University Research Program
Modern's editors sat down with Mike Field to discuss to discuss Raymond’s University Research Program

Three Key Questions: How to know if you’re ready for goods-to-person technology
If you’re considering a goods-to-person deployment, we provide three questions you’ll need to answer.

Pack Station Tricks: Common sense meets tech
Industrial workstation and shelving options are abundant for effective pack-out areas. Configuring an ideal set up for your operation is part commonsense work-cell design that eliminates wasted or awkward movements, but technology can also play a role.

Parcel automation delivers on two fronts for 3PL
Third-party logistics company iForce deployed an automated packaging solution to provide the speed and labor efficiencies needed to keep up with new picking automation, while the solution’s carton right-sizing also improves the customer experience.

Bowery Farming brings warehouse technology to the table
A market leader in indoor vertical farming turned to AS/RS technology to automate its farming processes.

More robots are coming to a warehouse near you
Our new Intralogistics Robotics Study proves just how vital robotics and automation are becoming to warehouses and DCs of all sizes­—and across all industries.

PackNet Cloud Computing Platform for Packaging and Shipping Operations
The first-of-its-kind cloud platform empowers businesses to take a data-driven approach to packaging efficiency, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing carbon footprint.

Automation/Retail Special Issue: Savvy users embrace change
In our latest Special Digital Issue, Modern Materials Handling has curated several feature stories that encapsulate the automation, software and hardware that are revolutionizing how retail fulfillment works.


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