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Logistics Trends and themes with Steve Huntley, Resource Logistics Group
In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor, for Logistics Management and Peerless Media, interviews Steve Huntley, President and Owner, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Resource Logistics Group, a logistics advisory firm working with shippers and 3PLs.

Supplier Management Automation
This ebook is for accounts payable (AP) and procurement professionals looking to leverage AI-driven supplier management automation to improve cashflow, strengthen supplier relationships and promote continuous, scalable growth.

Discover How Procurement is Driving Sustainability
Courtney Wright, chief procurement officer of Veolia North America, named the largest U.S. environmental services company by Engineering News-Record, talks about how procurement is driving sustainability and how procurement plays a crucial role in supporting Veolia's mission of reducing their CO2 emissions.

Supply Chain Agility in an Ever-Changing World
Find out what 1,000 supply chain decision-makers across four major markets plan to do to optimize costs and business spend across their organizations, manage risk, build resilience, and improve their supply chain agility.

How Sourcing Can Respond in Dynamic Markets to Drive Supply Chain Value
As disruptive events continue to be a constant, buying organizations are needing to ensure that pricing, supply, and capacity remain stable across the supply chain.

The Very Beginning of Supply Chains – Rare Earth Elements Mining at Sheep Creek, Montana
Listen in as Rosemary Coates and Rachel Winn, Director of Operations at U.S. Critical Materials, discuss the search for and mining of rare earth elements and the development of the Sheep Creek Mine in Montana. Rosemary Coates, Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute, hosts this episode of The Frictionless Supply Chain.

5 Interesting Facts About Automation Technology
Whether you are reading this for fun or to find a fact to help enforce a business initiative, here are five interesting facts about automation technology that you may not know.

Accounts Receivable Automation Using Artificial Intelligence
Supported by AI technology, Esker’s accounts receivable software solution removes the obstacles preventing timely cash collection while providing finance leaders with the visibility they need to monitor their organization's cash flow and achieve positive-sum growth.

Rethinking Receivables
This 14-page white paper explores how AI-driven automation solutions optimize the AR processes within the invoice-to-cash cycle that impacts company cash flow, operating capital, and customer relationships.

80% of Supply Chain Executives Cannot Track the Movement of Materials Across Their Networks
According to Verusen's 2022 State of the Supply Chain Research, the top priority of supply chain industry leaders is reducing material supply risk to avoid unplanned production delays and outages.

The 2022 Annual State of Supply Management Report
This Verusen annual survey explores supply chain professionals’ current perspectives, activities, and challenges related to the impact of the rapid shift in supply chains and consequent business conditions.

6 Truths About Business Spend Management Technology
There’s a lot of pressure on today’s CIO. So when the procurement and finance teams recommend a new supplier for their spend management system, it might seem safest for you to recommend the ERP vendor’s solution instead.

5 Ways Supply Chains Can Flourish in an Inflationary World
Supply chain and procurement professionals are being called to manage their organizations' value chains in highly challenging macroeconomic conditions, it is important to have visibility into inflation indices like the consumer price index and producer price index inflation.

Outsourcing Your Supply Chain
Listen in as Rosemary Coates and Hannah Kain Founder, and CEO of ALOM, discuss outsourcing and managing your global supply chains.

Optimizing Cash Flow Automation in the Age of Uncertainty
By creating a collaborative environment of end-to-end efficiency, companies can shore up back-office activities such as paying bills, processing orders, and collecting cash, while transforming the way customers and suppliers interact within your organization.


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Becoming a Shipper of Choice
Becoming a Shipper of Choice
C3 solutions' scheduling software streamlines the shipping process.
Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning
Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning
Political landscapes shift overnight, global trade is constantly changing, consumers demand increasingly personalized service and smaller day-to-day challenges hit without warning. If...

Rapidly Improve the Performance of Your Warehouse Logistics
Rapidly Improve the Performance of Your Warehouse Logistics
The Rapid Performance Evaluation identifies opportunities and potential improvements in every aspect of warehouse logistics operations; performance, productivity, service, quality, and systems.
Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
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Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
A whitepaper on supply chain insights gleaned at the LEED-certified gold Cleveland transportation and sustainability summit.