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Saddle Creek Logistics Services heralds warehouse expansion in four U.S markets

Lakeland, Fla.-based 3PL Saddle Creek Logistics Services said this week it is taking steps to expand existing warehouse and fulfillment operations in four key United States-based markets. Company officials said that the objective of this initiative is to support the needs of both new and prospective customers.

Saddle Creek Logistics Services said it is rolling out additional multi-client distribution centers (DC), collectively accounting for more than 1.8 million square-feet (SF) of the space over the next year, in Walton, Ky.; Joliet, Ill.; Myerstown, Pa.; and North Las Vegas, Nev. The 232,500 SF facility and the 712,000 SF facility, in Walton and Joliet, respectively, are now open, and the 277,000 SF Myerstown DC is scheduled to open next month. And the 583,000 North Las Vegas facility is currently under construction and expected to be open early next year.

What’s more, the company said that with these new facilities, Saddle Creek Logistics Services' distribution network will be comprised of more than 33.5 million square-feet in 31 states.

“E-commerce and omnichannel retail will continue to grow, as will demand for warehousing and distribution space—particularly in strategic locations that can help to reduce transit times and ensure cost-effective deliveries to a significant percentage of the U.S. population,” said Duane Sizemore, Saddle Creek’s senior vice president, marketing and business development, in a statement. “Based on our experience to date in Walton, Joliet, Myerstown, and North Las Vegas, we believe these markets are optimal for serving current and future clients.”

Sizemore told LM that Saddle Creek identified Walton, Joliet, Myerstown and North Las Vegas as strategic growth locations because they are ideally situated for supporting e-commerce and particularly advantageous for parcel shipping.

“We have experienced high demand for our existing facilities in these markets and anticipate continued growth,” he said. “Saddle Creek’s expansion in these markets gives our clients more options to position warehousing and fulfillment operations in optimal locations for providing responsive service and efficient cost-effective deliveries.”

From a competitive perspective, Sizemore explained that the expansion helps to strengthen the company’s DC network in strategic locations so that it can be nimbler and react more quickly to meet the demands of current and future clients.

The company said that each of the new facilities will be comprised of the following:

  • Conveniently located for efficient transit—Central locations with easy access to major interstates will enable one- to two-day delivery to millions of consumers in many major markets, helping to improve service levels and reduce transportation costs;
  • Optimized for ecommerce—Each facility will be designed for ecommerce fulfillment with high ceilings (36’ to 40’) and offer value-added services (VAS), returns management and parcel shipping programs. The ambient space can also be used for retail and manufacturing distribution; and
  • Technologically advanced—The state-of-the-art DCs will offer robust systems (WMS, OMS, TMS) and automation and robotics to ensure operational performance

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