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How a 3PL Ran Smarter, High-Quality Bid Events with SMC3’s Transportation Procurement Solution
Bid$ense allowed IL2000 to manage all bid responses through a single integrated dashboard, giving them the ability to process bids faster, manage the increasing scope of bids, and get more out of each procurement event.

Expanding Your Retail Horizons and How to Find the Right Fulfillment Services
Fulfillment services have largely been the domain of 3PLs, and needless to say, not all 3PLs are created equal when it comes to eCommerce expertise and omnichannel efficiency, and given the central role a fulfillment partner plays in the customer's journey and overall satisfaction, retailers cannot afford to choose a 3PL that lacks the means to meet their clients' expectations.

Forbes Names PITT OHIO One of America’s Best Midsize Employers
PITT OHIO has been named among America's Best Employers by Forbes Magazine for the third year in a row, ranking number 395 out of the 500 companies listed.

PITT OHIO’s Ricky Kahl Named Maryland Truck Driver of the Year
PITT OHIO, announced that its driver, Ricky Kahl, has been selected by the Maryland Police as the states’ Driver of the Year.

RK Logistics Group opens up a new Bay Area-based warehouse
RK Logistics Group, a Silicon Valley provider of warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment and supply chain management services, recently announced it has opened up a new Hayward, Calif.-based commercial logistics facility to support the local manufacturing of electric vehicles. The company said that this is its 12th Bay Area warehousing facility, covering a cumulative 1.3 million square-feet.

Armstrong report takes a look at a ‘downshifting’ in the global 3PL market
A recently-released report by Brookfield, Wisc.-based supply chain consultancy Armstrong & Associates highlights the pandemic-driven swings the pandemic has had on the third-party logistics (3PL) sector, from various perspectives, including revenue, costs, and services, among others. Entitled, “Downshift: Latest Global and Regional Logistics Costs and Third-Party Logistics Market Trends and Outlook,” the report is replete with 3PL market data and analysis, taking a look at the recent past and what may be in store, in the coming years, too.

IL2000 Streamlines its Bid Process with SMC3’s Bid$ense Procurement Tool
Read this full IL2000 case study to see what Dave Kiesling, former VP of Capacity and Logistics Engineering at IL2000, has to say about the SMC³ Bid$ense procurement tool.

C.H. Robinson Initiates Leadership Transition
Scott Anderson Appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer, Bob Biesterfeld to Step Down as President and Chief Executive Officer, and C.H. Robinson Board of Directors Initiates Search for Permanent Successor.

Three Predictions for Ecommerce Brands & Third-Party Logistics Providers in 2023
As we head into 2023, more and more analysts predict the potential for a recession, which could create challenges for ecommerce brands and third-party logistics, 3PL providers alike.

2022 Reverse Logistics Research Study
Peerless Research Group surveyed its readers to get their insights on various solutions for ecommerce, retail replenishment, and reverse logistics, the completed, 29-page summary report is available for download.

4 Best Practices for Online Order Fulfillment In 2023
With all the changes in retail and logistics, supply chain professionals find themselves asking the following question: what should my fulfillment model look like in 2023?

Is Industrial Real Estate Recession-Proof?
Some experts argue that low unemployment, record corporate earnings, and GDP growth in Q3 indicate that the U.S. is not yet in a recession, many economists agree that a recession is coming soon.

Last Mile Delivery Obstacles & Opportunities for Furniture Retailers
In this original white paper study conducted by Furniture Today Strategic Insights, in partnership with FIDELITONE, we examined the current delivery practices and use of 3PLs among furniture retailers.

Taking the Mess Out of Transportation Management Systems
This paper looks at making the switch from the old way to leveraging a modern Transportation Management System, TMS, that is robust enough to manage any complexities that may arise.

Expedite Success for Pharmaceutical Company with Guaranteed Overnight Delivery
In this case study a logistics company contracted PITT OHIO to Expedite LTL freight shipments for a pharmaceutical company who was launching a new drug in the market.


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