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How to Implement a Workplace Safety Management System
Implementing your safety management system will take time, but by following the steps in this article, you can make sure your company is on its way to safety success.

The 2022 Industrial Athlete Workforce Report
In this Fall 2022 edition of the Industrial Athlete Workforce Report, we took an in-depth look at the safety landscape across essential U.S. industries from the perspective of Industrial Athletes living it every day, polling more than 600 active workers.

StrongArm Tech SafeWork System Components Proudly Made in America
Worker safety is a global problem, but the solution is made here in America.

Breaking Down the SafeWork System Activation Program
Everything you need to know about our one-day, on-site trial program to experience the SafeWork System without the commitment.

What is an Ergonomic Injury and How Can it Be Prevented?
The most common work-related injuries are a critical threat to the livelihood of Industrial Athletes, and they are easier to prevent than you may think.

How to Improve Safety Culture in the Workplace and the Company & Employee Benefits of Doing So
Safety culture in the workplace is worth the investment, giving you and your employees a morale boost by fostering a sense of security.

The Industrial Athlete and Next-Leveling Safety in the Workplace
This paper analyzes how companies can get ahead of workplace injuries and take their risk management to the “next level” in protecting valuable employees’ health while improving productivity and profitability.

Reducing Employee Turnover Rates with Safety Wearables
In this resource we detail how protecting your most prized assets - your people - starts with actionable safety data, then we describe how StrongArm Technologies SafeWork System end-to-end risk management and workforce optimization solutions.

Tis the Season for Injury Prevention
This paper details a controlled study of Wearable Haptic Feedback Technology, conducted by StrongArm Tech at a major 3PL company and demonstrated the degree to which manual materials handlers' injuries are preventable.

Smart Glasses New Standard in Order Picking
DHL Supply Chain has made augmented reality supported glasses now business-as-usual in warehouses around the globe by proving the stability of functionalities and value of the solution and achieving productivity improvements averaging 15 percent, with higher accuracy rates and approval ratings by users.

Apple Working on ‘Wearables’ Smart Glasses
Apple Inc. is weighing an expansion into digital glasses, a risky but potentially lucrative area of wearable computing, according to people familiar with the matter, and reported by Bloomberg.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Wearable Technology
Wearable Technology represents one of the major innovative technology trends in the recent times, wearables, and especially smartwatches are unobtrusive and glanceable to an extent that is unparalleled.

3 Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Global Logistics
Advanced logistics technologies will create a faster, cheaper and more sustainable circulation of goods.

DuoSkin: Rapidly Prototyping On-Skin User Interfaces Using Skin-Friendly Materials
In this paper, we aim to make durable and skin-friendly on-skin user interfaces available to the wider community, using commodity materials, electronic components, and fabrication processes.

Microsoft and MIT Turn Skin Tattoos into Touchpads
MIT PhD students and a team from Microsoft Research have developed a new system called DuoSkin – a kind of 'smart' tattoo capable of turning your skin into an interface to control your mobile device.


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