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How Chief Operating Officers are Achieving Results with Supply Chain Software
COOs are now using supply chain software that offers advanced analytics and KPI capabilities that interconnect and take the tedium out of common goal sharing and tracking, making a supplier seem like part of the customer.

Jim Hoefflin takes the reins at Softeon
If ProMat 2023 taught us anything, it's an interesting time for the WMS industry

Synkrato pairs warehouse digital twins with artificial intelligence
Synkrato (Booth N6256) is showcasing its Digital Twin and AI-Driven Logistics solutions at ProMat 2023

Hy-Tek Intralogistics exhibits software solution
At a press conference Tuesday, Hy-Tek Intralogistics (Booth S5168) presented its Full-Stack Software Solution during the launch of its IntraOne Enterprise Logistics Platform.

New Dawn’s WES software offers seamless integration
New Dawn (Booth S4379) invites attendees to experience how its new Horizon WES software’s Automation Module allows operations to deploy automation while easily integrating with legacy systems.

Numina Group adds to warehouse automation solutions, reducing labor up to 50%
Numina Group (Booth S3718) added a third option to its warehouse automation suite

KNAPP showcases its fulfillment solutions
KNAPP (Booth S631) invites attendees to experience intelligent software tools, as well as complete solutions tailored to e-commerce, grocery, retail, food, wholesale distribution and manufacturing.

Synergy unveils the future of warehouse orchestration
Synergy North America (Booth S2988), the experts behind leading edge Cloud-based WMS software SnapFulfil, is launching its latest breakthrough tech solution

Simplifying Supply Chain Software & Total Cost of Ownership
With the continuous development of technology comes new opportunities for creating efficient supply chains, especially those which simplify the management of information technologies.

The Difference between Procurement & Supply Chain Management and Why the Two Should Converge
Many companies globally have kept the procurement and supply chain functions independent of each other, consequently, they have not been able to leverage the efficiency of merging the two.

enVista Sells Enspire Omnichannel Software and Global Freight Audit & Payment Services to Körber
The acquisition enables enVista to focus on the market for supply chain, enterprise business, and automation solutions and moves Kӧrber’s omnichannel and freight audit & payment strategy closer to becoming the global supply chain software champion.

How to Navigate Significant Shifts When Upgrading Warehouse Software
Supply chains and warehouse operations are under a spotlight with many moving towards adding small- and large-scale automation solutions with software upgrades to match; identifying and navigating those changes is not easy but the right warehouse software platform and integrator can help make the shift seamless.

Optimize Your Parcel Shipping Strategy
New Parcel shipping software helps you manage the entire process for shipping.

Softeon showcases smart warehouse of the future capabilities
Softeon (Booth C7466), whose software spans warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse execution system (WES), as well as distributed order management (DOM) functionality, stressed the capabilities of its solution set to support a “smart, automated warehouse of the future” concept at Modex.

Made4net demonstrates SCExpert platform
Since Monday, Made4net (Booth C7792) has been exhibiting its SCExpert platform, an all-in-one suite of labor, transportation, warehouse and yard management solutions.


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Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
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