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The Impact of Inflation on the Electronics Components Supply Chain Industry
The global inflation wave is also impacting multiple sectors, including the electronic components industry, logic, linear, discrete, advanced analog, and passive component prices are climbing and will continue climbing until macroeconomic conditions improve.

How Rising Inflation is Disrupting the Electronics Components Supply Chain
The worldwide inflation trend is causing problems in the electronic components supply chain by making parts more expensive and harder to procure, but mitigation methods exist to help OEMs, CMs, and EMS providers overcome the new challenge.

Semiconductor Q2 2022 Lead Time Report
In this semiconductor lead time report, we describe how things in the electronic component supply chain industry are developing along with several interrelated crises cultivating unprecedented disruption.

Global Electronic Component Shortage - May Update
Here is a comprehensive update on the global electronic component shortage, component lead times, and a forecast of when the parts crunch will end.

Semiconductor Q1 2022 Lead Time Report
Sourcengine uses its robust market intelligence resources to create a thorough lead time report every quarter and features up-to-date availability information on a wide range of electronic components made by a slew of chipmakers including pricing and turnaround time forecasts through March 2022.

Global Electronic Component Shortage - March Update
Several Japanese chipmakers halt production following an earthquake, Foxconn partially resumes production in Shenzhen, and DRAM prices to rise in Q2 2022.

Predictions for the 2022 Global Semiconductor Sector
Leading chipmaking executives and insiders believe the electronic components supply chain will grapple with lead time delays, availability issues, and pricing fluctuations throughout the coming year and into 2023.

Microchip Lead Times Reach 22 Weeks Following Chinese Power Cutbacks
The average microchip lead times have risen to a record 22 weeks which is being attributed to the extension of production and delivery dates to the Chinese government's power reduction mandates.

Semiconductor Q4 2021 Lead Time Report
Every quarter, Sourcengine publishes a comprehensive lead time report covering the supply chain electronics industry and has established that the worldwide component bottleneck will not ease up until late 2021 or even into 2022.

Industry Leaders & Analysts Expect the Global Chip Shortage to Extend into 2023
Recently, electronics industry leaders and foundry service provider executives expressed their belief that the chip shortage will persist into 2023.

Foxconn Purchases $91M Chip Plant to Further Apple’s Electric Vehicle Plans
Although Foxconn’s bread and butter are fabricating electronic devices, founder Terry Gou believes its future is making battery-powered automobiles, and its close relationship with Apple could make it a big player in the future automotive industry.

Why Chipmakers Cannot Quickly Fix the Global Semiconductor Shortage
In this white paper, we detail how large corporations and national governments are trying to resolve the global chip shortage, and how the complex nature of the semiconductor industry means there is no quick fix for the crisis.

How OEMs Can Use Ecommerce Platforms without Compromising Their Quality Assurance Standards
In this white paper, we discuss why electronics OEMs, e-commerce represents have a tremendous opportunity, and why many online marketplaces are struggling with counterfeit product problems, however, companies can enjoy the benefits of digitalization without compromising their standards.

Here’s Why Diversifying Your Electronic Component Suppliers is More Important Than Ever
This white paper details why the last few years introduced an unprecedented level of disruption into the electronic components supply chain, and how OEMs can better address present and future challenges by embracing supplier diversification.

What Will The Global Semiconductor Supply Chain Could Look Like in 2030?
For the last five years, the semiconductor industry has been incredibly volatile, with abrupt shifts in geopolitical relations, devastating natural disasters, and changes in consumer buying habits have fostered irreversible changes within the sector, so how will things look in 2030?


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