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Time to integrate those robots
The dirty little secret about robots is that different types don’t interface with others. Fortunately, a new world of heterogeneous robotic integration is on its way to being a reality.

E-book: Optimize Your E-commerce Throughput
Need to keep up with e-commerce throughput? This e-book can help you choose the right solution for your business. Learn more about what Honeywell has to offer and find the sortation system that best fits your needs.

Empower Your Automation Journey at ProMat 2023
Whether you’re just beginning your automation journey or exploring options for taking your supply chain to the next level, you won’t want to miss Honeywell Intelligrated at ProMat 2023.

Conveyors and sorters surge ahead
Demand for moving and sorting items of all sizes at high speed has never been greater. And it’s growing. Fortunately, sorters and conveyors continue to expand their portfolio.

The Business Case for Tighter WMS and WES Integration
Download this white paper to learn more about the detail the challenges of typical WMS/WES integration and explore the value of integrating these essential systems under one unified software platform.

Honeywell & Clearpath deliver autonomous mobile robots to warehouses
Honeywell (Booth B7619a) recently announced a strategic collaboration with Clearpath Robotics, giving warehouses and distribution centers the ability to easily automate operations and increase supply chain productivity through autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

Ease the Labor Crunch With LMS Coaching and Incentives
It's labor crunch time in the distribution and fulfillment (D&F) sector. Although labor has always been among the largest expenditures for distribution center (DC) operators — up to 65% of total expenses — today’s labor scarcities and rising wages are driving these costs even higher.

AS/RS One Level Shuttle (OLS) System and Warehouse Systems by Honeywell Intelligrated
The Honeywell Intelligrated One-level Shuttle (OLS) System provides quick access to cartons, totes and trays, ideal for operations with high-turn inventory storage and short order cycle times. A shuttle can serve a dedicated level for maximum throughput, or use a shuttle lift to access multiple levels for increased flexibility.

Honeywell to open advanced warehouse automation R&D center In Czech Republic
New facility to establish Central and Eastern Europe as a major warehouse automation hub for Honeywell

Breakthrough Robotics Empowering Distribution Centers
Robots got their start in the workforce performing repetitive tasks. The precision and repeatability of these jobs made them relatively easy for robots to master. Robots were also considered ideal for jobs that were dirty, dull or dangerous. Learn more about DC robotics.

The Business Case for Robotics in Distribution Centers
Industry growth outpaces that of the labor pool by a rate of six to one, making the DC a prime environment for robotics.

Overcome Manual Depalletizing Challenges Without Sacrificing Productivity
At the rate SKUs are expanding, constantly programming new patterns is neither practical nor cost-effective. As a result, depalletizing remains a manual operation in most DCs.

Optimize Workflows with Mobile Robotics
Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are among the most significant robotics advances available to the logistics and manufacturing industry today.

Labor Management Systems Solutions Increasingly Important Even With the Move to More Automation
Labor management system solutions are different today than those a decade ago, they integrate with more systems, have mobile user interfaces, and use advanced analytics, they are increasingly important with the move to more automation.

Automation solutions to keep up with growing demands and customer expectations
Honeywell Intelligrated works with companies to solve their immediate warehousing problems and helps them to prepare for what’s coming next.


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