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Google’s Parent Company Alphabet Will Begin ‘Wing’ Aerial Drone Deliveries in Finland

Wing, the Alphabet-owned drone delivery startup, has announced that it will launch a free 10-minute trial distribution service starting in spring 2019 in Finland.

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Wing, the Alphabet-owned drone delivery startup, has announced that it will launch a free 10-minute trial distribution service starting in spring 2019 in Finland.

In its 2018 Annual Industry Report, MHI advises companies to “think big, but start small” when implementing new technology tools and systems.

Humans and robots can work in harmony to create a safer, more efficient working world, here’s what that world might look like.

Technology is changing rapidly, and humans need to accept their robot counterparts, and the modern factory must quickly align itself to the cultural change forced upon it by the advances in these technologies.

This year’s report features in-depth profiles of the five NextGen innovations having the greatest impact on supply chains; Robotics and Automation, Predictive Analytics, Internet of Things Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, Driverless Vehicles, and Drones.

Many companies have already integrated autonomous robots into their supply chain, however, for some companies considering launching an autonomous robot strategy it can be intimidating, here are five examples of how autonomous robots and drones can work to streamline your supply chain operations.

Here are the main reasons why your company needs to start integrating autonomous robots into its supply chain in 2018.

This paper details how new technologies are presenting promising opportunities for improvement across the supply chain and how autonomous robots and drones are poised to change the game.

Bolstered by the growth in industrial IoT, drones are proving their benefits for aerial inventory within warehouse facilities.

The four pilots cover a wide range of applications for commercial drones, including healthcare materials delivery in North Carolina, consumer delivery in Virginia, providing bait to capture feral hogs in Oklahoma, and a beyond line of visual sight flights aimed at agricultural applications in Kansas.

Proposed tariffs on Chinese goods are forcing retailers to buy early for the holidays to beat the tax but that could leave them with bloated inventories, organizations that have invested in digital inventory technology are gaining an edge in understanding inventory levels and being able to move inventory faster throughout the supply chain.

With the first U.S. multistory warehouses preparing to open and amazon contemplating futuristic airborne fulfillment centers, demand is growing for the vertical construction of urban warehouses with smaller real estate footprints.

Chris Sultemeier former Executive Vice President of Logistics for Walmart Stores, Inc. joins the board of directors of PINC, the leading provider of real-time digital inventory solutions.

This article identifies seven qualities that set autonomous drones and robots apart from their human-controlled counterparts.

In every warehouse or retail store, there is an opportunity to add value, and the good news is that robotics and drones provide payback within three to six months, versus five to 10 years for AS/RS systems.