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Dematic announces 2023 STEM scholarship winners
Dematic FIRST Scholarships support students pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math educations.

KION commits to net zero and to the Science Based Targets initiative
Strategic sustainability goal of net zero before 2050 for KION, a major global provider of industrial trucks, automation systems, and supply chain solutions

Depalletizing and palletizing gain in flexibility
AI and vision technology are making robotic depalletizing and palletizing solutions more flexible, but master data on SKUs still needs attention, and palletizing needs proper buffering and sequencing of cases to optimize the pallet build.

S&H Systems signs integrator agreement with Dematic
The new relationship will add extensive conveyor and sortation options to S&H Systems’ solutions portfolio

Conveyors and sorters surge ahead
Demand for moving and sorting items of all sizes at high speed has never been greater. And it’s growing. Fortunately, sorters and conveyors continue to expand their portfolio.

Dematic recognized as a top employer
Warehouse automation provider awarded six Best and Brightest Companies to Work For designations in 2022 though program hosted by the National Association for Business Resources (NABR)

Where conventional warehousing fits
With all the emphasis these days on automation, conventional warehousing is often overlooked if not forgotten. In fact, conventional warehousing is alive, well and thriving even at high-volume facilities and in e-commerce.

Dematic and Upshop announce new partnership aimed at grocery industry
Providers of Total Store Operations technology and intelligent automation solutions join forces so grocers can own data and manage store fulfillment at scale

Dematic and Dexterity partner to deploy full-task robotics
Dematic will sell and deploy Dexterity robotics globally and facilitate Dexterity’s entry into the European market

Taking stock of food and beverage
Automation has probably never been more important to food and beverage as it is buffeted by a range of forces that challenge historically thin margins.

Dematic announces First/Dematic Scholarship program winners
Annual scholarship program supports students pursuing a career in STEM

SRSI announces integrator relationship with Dematic
SRSI will now be a certified integrator of Dematic equipment

Top 20 Material Handling Systems Suppliers 2022
The upward trajectory for warehouse automation system suppliers continued this year with growth for the Top 20 list at 23%, driven by e-commerce pressures and the resulting need for more automation in fulfillment operations.

Want big gains? Automate the ins and outs with automated trailer loading systems (ALTS)
Whether it’s trying to efficiently load or unload full pallets, or deal with the burdens of manual case loading and unloading, inbound and outbound docks are places where operations can make significant gains with automation, as well as safety and reducing product damage.

Dematic showcases fulfillment automation tools’ interactive zones
Dematic’s booth (Booth B7819) invites attendees to experience interactive zones tailored to grocery, apparel, food and beverage, and general merchandising industries.


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