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Top 5 Reasons to use a Drayage Network
The larger your drayage network, the more scalable it can be. Download this paper to see how else you can benefit from using a large drayage network.

Top 5 Reasons to Ship Intermodal
Intermodal shipping has been growing at unprecedented speed over the course of the last several decades. Whether your goal is to cut costs or improve efficiency in your supply chain, Intermodal could be the answer.

CRST Service, Stability, and Solutions
Today’s challenging business environment requires a dedicated transportation services provider that can react efficiently and effectively to ever-changing demands. Without it, your organization may struggle to remain competitive.

Best Practices for Shipping Southbound into Mexico
Whether you’re shipping auto brakes, consumer appliance parts, paper or simply packaging material, there are incredible intricacies to cross-border transit – from documentation standards and customs issues, to specific requirements for certain types of shipments. To help, we’ve put together this strategy guide for making your intermodal shipments into Mexico smoother.

OPEX’s Perfect Pick Product Brochure
Perfect Pick is a unique, goods-to-person picking solution that dramatically improves the rate and efficiency that inventory moves through a warehouse or distribution center. Highly scalable and flexible, Perfect Pick is engineered to simplify the complexity associated with other technologies. Perfect Pick’s revolutionary “one-touch” design is based on a single component, the iBOT.

OPEX’s Perfect Pick Solution
While other automation manufacturers boast of achieving high pick rates, these material handling solutions typically require a substantial footprint and multiple components, or touch points, including elevators, conveyors or lifts.

Building sustainable business models and brands
It isn’t “all about carbon”; it’s about water; land use; waste and pollutants. It’s about which raw materials are used and where they are sourced, from energy and water to metals, minerals and agricultural products, as risk increasingly varies according to location.

OzLINK The Multi-Tool For UPS
Oz Development joined the UPS Ready Program in 2004 and is now a UPS Ready Strategic Technology Provider. Since then, we have OzLINKed over 15,000 happy users. All of our products are designed, built and supported right here at Oz; therefore, if you call us, you’ll be sure to get the right answer the first time!

The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2012
2012 marks the eighth year of our annual Supply Chain Top 25 ranking. The list includes some perennial leaders, but also offers up four new companies from which to learn, including two industrials, and an interesting newcomer to the top five.

CDW’s 2013 State of The Cloud Report
An organization’s decision to move IT to the cloud is daunting because it is a wholesale change in sourcing and delivery of solutions. This report is based on the views of 1,242 IT professionals surveyed by CDW. It explores what drives the shift to the cloud, what types of applications organizations are taking to the cloud and what benefits (beyond cost savings) they are achieving.

The CDW 2011 Cloud Computing Tracking Poll
CDW’s first Cloud Computing Tracking Poll surveyed 1,200 IT professionals in U.S. organizations* to determine: Where organizations are with cloud adoption, What benefits are driving adoption, What challenges still hinder progress, Recommendations for how organizations can successfully implement cloud computing.

Lenze Packaging solutions
Lenze-AC Tech provides unique solutions for the industrial and commercial packaging industry. If your packaging application includes in-feed or constant-feed machines, labelers, fillers, wrappers or cartoners, the complete range of Lenze-AC Tech variable frequency drives (VFDs) and G-motion gear motor solutions offer you a very targeted, cost effective and reliable answer.

Lenze Material Handling and Logistics Solutions
Lenze's many years of experience in material handling technology, countless projects and applications places the company at the cutting edge of development in "Interlogistics" and roller conveyors, variable-speed belt conveyors, rotary tables, scissor lift tables, lifting stations, storage and retrieval units, palletizing systems, monorail overhead conveyor and automated guided vehicle systems.

Trissential’s advantage in Enterprise Resource Planning
Why are millions spent on implementing a new ERP solution only to find an inability to meet the original objectives or take advantage of future benefits via upgrades? We hear these stories daily. The solution is as simple as having a sound strategy, effective management and efficient execution.

American Apparel Making A Bold Fashion Statement with RFID
American Apparel tested and deployed an item level RFID-based system that allowed store managers to track the movement of clothing items from ASN receiving, to back room put away, through restock staging and retail sales floor cycle counts and on to the point-of-sale execution. By leveraging this advanced RFID solution from Xterprise, American Apparel reduced both labor costs and out-of-stocks, while driving improve sales and same-store performance.

Del Monte Foods: Usage of On-Demand Platforms for Managing Transportation in Consumer Industries
Aberdeen benchmarked the supply chain software investment and roadmap strategies of over 130 Consumer Industry companies to identify the abilities of supply chain applications in managing risk and ability to change and adapt business processes over time.

Six Criteria to Benchmark your Freight Audit & Payment Metrics against Best Practices
A strong freight payment process is a key to excellence in transportation management. Benchmark your organization's freight payment processes with best practices, and learn how to take steps today to: tighten your payment controls and increase the accuracy and thoroughness of both your cost and shipment data.

Batteries Plus Finds Competitive Advantage in HighJump Software’s Adaptable Warehouse Management
Batteries Plus is a national franchise, specializing in helping consumers and businesses with their battery and light bulb needs. Since implementing the HighJump warehouse management system, the company has experienced improved efficiency and accuracy.

What to Ask a Warehouse Management System (WMS) Reference
The set of questions below will help guide you through customer reference calls. You’ll be able to determine a system’s ability to not only meet the functional needs of your operation, but also to quickly and cost-effectively meet changing customer and business requirements, generate strong return on investment, and provide low total cost of ownership (TCO).

David’s Bridal finds the perfect marriage with Manhattan Associates
Serving more brides-to-be than any other bridal retailer in the U.S., David’s Bridal was challenged with resource-intensive order processing, no real-time inventory visibility to ensure on-time delivery, and rapid growth in order volume. Since implementing Manhattan’s Warehouse Management and Distributed Order Management, David’s Bridal has automated supply chain processes and expanded retail..


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Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
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Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
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