Enable Your Business to Be More Agile with Ethernet

This paper describes how upgrading your network to Ethernet, you get a single, simplified network that allows you to integrate the latest technologies, maximize employee collaboration, and prioritize decision-making.

Agile Companies Are Winners

An agile business can move swiftly and decisively in the face of fluctuating business conditions - whether positive or negative.

But mid-sized businesses that are geographically distributed, like financial services and healthcare organizations, find it particularly difficult to flex with the times.

In most cases, it’s pretty clear what the culprit is - the company network.

For companies using outdated technology, agility will be impossible to achieve.

Fortunately, upgrading to Ethernet can help your business be more agile by allowing you to:

• Rapidly send and receive even the largest files seamlessly

• Scale your speed and bandwidth painlessly

• Enable enhanced disaster recovery so you can operate continuously

• Communicate and collaborate more easily by streamlining employees - no matter where they’re located

What Exactly Is Agility?

Business agility is the capability of a company to rapidly change or adapt in response to changes in the market.

It offers the ability to react quickly to new competitors, market conditions, and innovations in a way that results in a measurably improved bottom line.

Research shows that companies exhibiting agility leadership know how to build cohesive teams, even across geographic distances, for distributed organizations that have satellite and branch offices far from headquarters.

Agility also leads to faster and more confident decisions. And, finally, agile businesses are always trying to improve their games by striving to do better

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