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5 Tips to Gain Security Budget Approval
Looking to make a case for security budget in the new year? See our 5 tips for gaining the buy-in you need to adequately secure your operation from today’s high crime.

Security For Warehouse and Distribution Centers
With the price of goods continuing to increase due to the looming recession and inflation, cargo theft numbers continue to rise as thieves can generate greater and greater profits on the resale market. If your warehouse, distribution center or truck lot hasn’t been hit yet, it’s only a matter of time. Are you ready?

Traka launches intelligent key cabinets
All those keys to valuable assets such as lift trucks or other vehicles, or to doors for battery rooms or valuable tools, or critical spares for automation, can be digitally secured and managed with a new line of intelligent key cabinets from Traka (Booth S3375).

Five ways logistics parks can optimize their operations with smart video
When people think about cameras in logistics parks, they think about pure-play security applications. But what if you could also use video to boost your efficiency, productivity, and even health and safety?

Senate signs off on C-TPAT pilot program legislation
According to a summary of the bill from The Library of Congress, “it requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to carry out a pilot program that assesses whether allowing certain entities to participate in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) would enhance port security, combat terrorism, prevent supply chain security breaches, or otherwise meet the goals of the partnership. Such entities are non-asset-based third-party logistics providers that arrange international freight transportation and are licensed by the Department of Transportation.”

It’s Time to Get Real About Cybersecurity
On this episode, Steven A. Melnyk discusses why cybersecurity needs to be at the top of every supply chain manager’s to do list.

How logistics parks can improve efficiency and site security with smart video
The leading smart video solutions for logistics parks add several layers of intelligence compared to traditional security cameras, helping operators to enhance personnel management, vehicle management, site management, and goods management.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution: Traceability, Cold Chain, and Security - Bringing It All Together
FDA Emergency Use Authorization approval for the first COVID-19 vaccines marks a major step towards ending the pandemic, however, due to its diverse requirements, there are many distribution challenges ahead.

Survey: 53% of manufacturers say operational technology is vulnerable to cyber-attacks
TrapX and ESG research findings reveal manufacturing industry overwhelmed by rising levels of security data and increasingly sophisticated threats

Drones, Storage Lockers, Autonomous Vehicles and National Security
New technologies may be creating unintended risk. Supply chain managers need to get involved to shape policy.

Growing Cyber Threats Drive Need for Advanced Data Protection Defenses Investments
According to a newly released Oracle survey, policymakers and C-Suite executives believe the U.S. should invest more in advanced cybersecurity technology.

Blockchain is Vastly Overrated; Supply Chain Cybersecurity is Vastly Underrated
Cyber attacks are on the rise, especially in the supply chain, and while blockchain is not irrelevant to supply chain cyber security, technology alone will not completely solve the problem.

Security in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
A report on the views and actions of C-Suite executives, policymakers and the public related to cybersecurity and data protection in today’s threat-filled world.

U.S. ports and terminals may face new layer of scrutiny in wake of container explosion
The pre-Holloween explosion of a fully loaded outbound container at a Port of Los Angeles terminal was a scary incident for a number of reasons, say shipping analysts.

GuardianCoil Provides Safety Barrier and Debris Protection for H.O. Penn Machinery Company
Operable coiled wire fabric protection system shields employees from high-powered machinery


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