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Supply Chain Agility in an Ever-Changing World
Find out what 1,000 supply chain decision-makers across four major markets plan to do to optimize costs and business spend across their organizations, manage risk, build resilience, and improve their supply chain agility.

Will the Supply Chain Improve and What Does Agility & Resiliency Mean in 2023?
The supply chain is comprised of the market and socio-economic-political conditions, but it is also comprised of people, people who can intelligently plan and continuously optimize execution across the network to enable your company to be resilient.

Digital Transformation for the Supply Chain
Businesses must respond to a new digital, agile and resilient reality, but the key question for their leaders becomes to what extent are today’s supply chain initiatives aligned with broader digital transformation?

5 Strategies for a Recession-Ready Supply Chain
This eBook is a guide to help you think through the upcoming impact of a potential recession and build a digital transformation roadmap to both survive and thrive better than your competitors.

How the Global Pandemic Accelerated Supply Chain Visibility, Digitalization, and Automation
The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged how companies look to digital technologies to provide greater supply chain visibility and automation into providing shippers with real-time views of their end-to-end global networks.

Improving Agility with Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility
In this article, we’ll review the origins of this watershed "visibility" development, and examine how supply chain managers can use real-time visibility to stay nimble and manage the shifting dynamics that are impacting everything from sourcing raw materials, labor management, and delivery of final products.

The Case for an AI-Enabled Retail Supply Chain
In this benchmark report from Retail Systems Research, we look at the response and key finding from retailers who show an interest in adapting and using artificial intelligence, AI analytics to enable a more agile supply chain.

Creating an Adaptable Supply Chain with Low-Code
In this paper, we show low-code platforms, like Quick Base, can help companies across industries improve visibility into complex processes and increase efficiency to address many of these supply chain challenges.

Enable Your Business to Be More Agile with Ethernet
This paper describes how upgrading your network to Ethernet, you get a single, simplified network that allows you to integrate the latest technologies, maximize employee collaboration, and prioritize decision-making.

Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2015
The Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index uses three metrics to assess and rank 45 emerging markets countries. Size and Growth Attractiveness make up 50% of overall Index score. Compatibility and Connectedness each account for 25% of overall score.​

Saudi Arabia Muscles Its Way to Second Place in Agility’s Emerging Markets Index
Saudi Arabia jumped to second place in this year’s Agility Emerging Markets Index, ahead of established BRIC nations Brazil, Russia and India, as they struggled with continuing poor infrastructure, corruption and conflict.

The Agility Emerging Markets Index 2014
Since its inception in 2009, the Index has tracked the rise of the emerging markets, firstly in the wake of the economic downturn and then throughout a period of global recovery. Throughout this period the sector has maintained its growth dynamic, although it certainly has not been immune from economic and political upheavals.

How Will Logistics Benefit From the 2014 Economic Upturn?
With the global economy seeming to be in better shape than for many years, it would seem a good point at which to examine prospects for the global logistics industry. Economics and logistics output are, of course, inextricably linked.

Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2013
The Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index looks at the world’s most dynamic economies and the forces powering them. It ranks 45 major emerging markets and identifies the attributes that make them attractive for investment by logistics companies, air cargo carriers, shipping lines, freight forwarders and distribution property companies.

Emerging Markets Slowdown Fails to Dim Enthusiasm
Emerging markets felt the effects of the continuing global slowdown in 2012 but generally weathered it better than developed countries that are their main markets. The 45 emerging markets featured in the 2013 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index grew at an average of 4.4%. In contrast, the U.S. economy grew at 2.2% while the EU contracted 0.2%.


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