A Practical Approach to Robotics Implementation

With fluctuating demand and a constantly evolving warehouse environment, automation investments must have the flexibility to meet the challenges of today – and tomorrow.

Supply chains have warmed up to the idea that robotic solutions make real business sense for warehouse and manufacturing operations.

While some may have eyed robotics as laden with future potential, for many, underlying trends and unexpected events have accelerated their timeline for warehouse robotics, from an opportunity for tomorrow to an essential for today.

Labor costs and challenges persist, customer expectations continue to raise the bar for performance and social distancing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced fresh hurdles to the already demanding task of staffing supply chain operations.

Modern robotics can spare operations the major investment of installing fixed infrastructure, with autonomous navigation technology enabling relatively quick deployment.

But implementation still comes with numerous questions, from ROI and safety to IT, integration and planning. As facilities fast-track robotic adoption in response to the tyranny of the urgent and to position themselves for long-term competitive advantage, careful preparation can smooth the path to successful implementation.

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