Millennials in Supply Chain

This research paper from SCMR, APICS and APQC finds the next generation is focused, engaged, enthused and committed when it comes to working in supply chain management, indeed, supply chain represents a sought-after, dynamic and rewarding long-term career choice for professionals in their 20s and 30s. By APICS, APQC, Supply Chain Management Review

October 15, 2017

Today’s Millennial Supply Chain Professionals are engaged, satisfied, productive, committed, definitely not slackers.

Whether warranted or not, perceptions of millennials in the workplace are often less than stellar, characterized by labels like entitled, impatient, unreliable and unrealistic.

But new research just completed paints a very different picture: one that shows an engaged, satisfied, productive and committed workforce of twenty- and thirty-something professionals working in the supply chain.

Indeed, a strong majority of millennials working in supply chain today began their career in supply chain, expect to be working in the supply chain in five years, and are highly satisfied with their careers.

They’re moving around less and see more opportunities for advancement.

Equally encouraging is the fact that millennials feel they can make a difference in the supply chain field; believe that working in supply chain helps with their personal growth and development; and see opportunities for job advancement within the field.

The supply chain is career path rich with opportunity for millennials.

Not only has supply chain emerged as a key differentiator and competitive advantage for businesses large and small, but it also brings enriching and meaningful opportunities to address a set of diverse, global, ecological and ethical challenges that have a very real and tangible impact on the world and its inhabitants – issues that millennials find worthwhile and personally rewarding.

Table of Contents

Changing the Face of Supply Chain
Millennials bring ambition, higher education and more women to the field

Millennials Don’t Just “Fall Into” Supply Chain
This generation comes to the field with early and prolonged commitment

Wide-Ranging Positions, Interests, and Goals
Supply chain roles and the interests of the people who hold them are complex and varied

A More Realistic, Stable and Content Workforce
Millennials in supply chain are more pragmatic, less image-conscious

The Do-It-Yourself Nature of the Job
Not without its challenges, millennials seek structure, guidance and a clear upward path in a career in supply chain

Millennials and the Supply Chain Talent Shortage
As baby boomers retire, will the influx of graduates with degrees in supply chain ensure a robust workforce?

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