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Talking Supply Chain Podcast: Planning for the supply chain of the future
In today’s episode, Marisa Brown explains why organizations must balance efficiency with adaptability, flexibility and effectiveness

Planning for the Supply Chain of the Future
In today’s episode, Marisa Brown explains why organizations must balance efficiency with adaptability, flexibility and effectiveness.

Enhance the Value of Your Supply Chain Supplier Relationships
Developing and executing the right kind of supplier relationship based on the right kind of sourcing business model moves an organization from traditional supplier relationship management to the next generation.

Benchmarks with Becky Partida: Sales order automation benefits the supply chain
Automating order processing can shorten cycle times and reduce errors that affect the supply chain.

Millennials in Supply Chain
This research paper from SCMR, APICS and APQC finds the next generation is focused, engaged, enthused and committed when it comes to working in supply chain management, indeed, supply chain represents a sought-after, dynamic and rewarding long-term career choice for professionals in their 20s and 30s.

Today’s Millennial Supply Chain Professionals
Despite millennial stereotypes, a new report from APICS finds focus, purpose, and commitment are the hallmarks of this critical segment of the supply chain workforce.

Top Projects for 2016 Supply Chains: Transportation, Sourcing, Resilience, and Inventory Management
Based on stories in the business media over the last week or so, I expect four specific trends to dictate supply chain, logistics, and materials handling development in 2016.

The Trade-Offs of Outsourcing Procurement
Before you decide to outsource routine procurement activities, consider what your organization values most.

Moving Up the Maturity Curve of Financial Shared Services
Large, global organizations have, over the past decade, made clear strides in reducing the cost of financial management operations by adopting a shared services operating model.

Supply Chain IT Risk Mitigation Still Work in Progress
For real results, organizations should implement supply chain risk management practices, especially risks presented by Information Technology disruptions.

How Supply Chain Buffers Can Mitigate Risk
Supply chain planning is a proactive approach to preparing for and marshalling resources in anticipation of future demand, however, a problem with most planning efforts is that they assume no uncertainty in demand or supply.

Supply Chain Talent Development is Still a Work in Progress
Results from an APQC survey reveal that there are skills gaps among candidates, but organizations are adopting ways to develop current and future employees.

The Importance of a Thorough, Well-Managed Supply Chain Risk Strategy
Organizations should consider how the costs of managing risk balance out with potential lost revenue and damage to reputation that can result from a disruption to operations caused by a natural disaster or political instability in key supplier regions. To be a global business, supply chain risk management is a necessity. The key is to determine how to do it efficiently and effectively.

Sustainability Initiatives Can Lead to Closer Supply Chain Relationships
Sustainability initiatives with suppliers and service providers in areas like energy emissions and carbon management can have mixed effects on supply chain performance. But they do have one overarching benefit: the potential to create closer relationships with these key partners

Centralizing Logistics Leads to Mixed Results
In order to determine whether centralized logistics structures also improve logistics performance, APQC compared the quality of deliveries, inventory management, and logistics costs of organizations using a centralized structure with those using a decentralized structure.


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Becoming a Shipper of Choice
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Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning
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Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
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