The True Value of Shipping APIs

In this paper we detail the true value of Shipping APIs, it isn't just the money you save from expensive carrier integrations, it's in the automation that it introduces to your shipping operations.

The Cost of Directly Connecting to Carries

It all comes down to core competencies.

The reason why most companies (unless you’re Amazon) outsource their package delivery is that carriers are so much better at maintaining the logistical impossibility of accurately juggling hundreds of thousands of moving packages per day.

Technology, however, is not a core competency for most carriers.

Most carrier endpoints are built on SOAP/XML architecture. The problem with SOAP/XML is that it’s outdated and doesn’t inherently play nice with most eCommerce businesses.

Because it’s outdated, it’s tough to find developers that can build an integration with it. To make matters worse, most carriers lack the documentation and client libraries that developers need to expedite the integration process.

Shipping APIs like ours take on the burden of building integrations with such outdated endpoints.

Since we (EasyPost) specialize in this kind of technology, it’s much easier for us to build reliable and robust carrier integrations. It’s also much easier for us to build an API that plays much nicer with today’s eCommerce technology stacks.

For instance, EasyPost supports six different programming languages, including Ruby, Python, C#, and Java.

We also provide client libraries and documentation that help expedite the integration process. And since the API is our main product, our support is much more responsive and effective.

As it stands, Shipping APIs like EasyPost provide streamlined service that provides a quick, easy, and reliable connection to carriers.

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