How UrbanStem Decreased the Transit Time of Their Perishable Products Using Shipping APIs

Using EasyPost's next-generation of shipping APIs, UrbanStems, a modern gifting company that delivers same-day via bike courier to New York City and Washington DC neighborhoods and next-day delivery nationwide, found a new ability to ship orders and established significant cost savings with their carriers of choice.

UrbanStems’ Blooming Business

For many people, this rings especially true during times like the holiday season.

With the holidays quickly approaching, there are many great opportunities to make your celebrations “pop” with the perfect flower arrangement.

We recently spoke with UrbanStems, a happy EasyPost customer leveraging our Shipping API suite to funnel cost-effective shipping rates to customers and expedite order distribution.

UrbanStem has a unique approach to the gifting experience, including sustainably-sourced flowers available in one-of-a-kind bouquets for practically any event.

We are thrilled to work with UrbanStems, and we want to share a little more about their experience as an EasyPost Shipping API customer, and how we’ve helped them grow their 'blooming' business.

UrbanStems: Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope

The team at UrbanStems would tell you that flowers are the laughter of Earth, but what they create for customers is no laughing matter.

Based out of Washington DC, the UrbanStems team works tirelessly to create stunning and original floral arrangements that come from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms (RACF).

Flowers from RACF are cared for by employees receiving above-average wages, access to healthcare, and good working conditions.

Each bouquet at UrbanStems is made by someone who understands what it feels like to be cared for, similar to the flowers they handle daily.

But the biggest surprise to customers of UrbanStems comes by way of their super fast delivery promise powered by Easypost’s next-generation shipping APIs.

EasyPost Gets to The Root of UrbanStem’s Problem

After speaking with UrbanStems, we learned that what ultimately led them to EasyPost involved decreasing the transit time of their perishable products to eager customers.

What they found was not only the new ability to ship orders the next day but additional cost savings when it comes to their carriers of choice.

  • Cost-Effective Carrier Rates: The EasyPost Carrier Rating API allows online business owners to identify, integrate, and rate-shop across 100+ carriers. In the case of UrbanStems, this tool enabled them to leverage faster ground shipping at a cheaper cost to customers.
  • Fast Ground Shipping: UrbanStems sought a more secure, reliable, and easy-to-use shipping system. Our Shipping API does just that and more. By easily integrating into your TMS, WMS, app, or whatever setup you have, this API saves you time and money on engineering and maintenance costs. Similar to our Carrier Rating API, it supports 100+ carriers shipping domestically and internationally. According to UrbanStems, taking this step transformed their logistics processes from the point of complexity to simplicity which to their team was “the best part of working with EasyPost.”

Blossom with UrbanStems

Check out what sets UrbanStems ahead of the rest when it comes to breathtakingly unique floral arrangements:

  • Seasonal Selections: No matter the occasion - birthdays, congrats, condolences, Christmas, Easter, graduations, Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, weddings - UrbanStems offers seasonal favorites to match the mood, place, and magnitude of life’s most significant events.
  • Same-Day or Next-Day Delivery: Looking for super-fast flower delivery in NY or DC? Look no further. Urbanstems offers same-day courier delivery in New York City and Washington DC and Next-Day delivery Nationwide.
  • Responsibly-Sourced From the Earth: Similar to EasyPost, UrbanStems cares about the Earth. So much so that they source every single flower used in bouquets from flower farms that practice sustainable practices to meet high customer demands.
  • Original Designs Arranged On-site: Receive flowers from hands that care. UrbanStems takes “fresh flowers” to a new level, by placing their floral designers directly on the farms, working in tandem with farmers to create your next favorite bouquet.

Simple Solutions with EasyPost

EasyPost continues to serve as a leading shipping and logistics solutions flexible and customizable enough to satisfy an extensive variety of industries.

From fashion to flowers, and everywhere in between, we work every day to help businesses like UrbanStems identify and implement logistics solutions that help trigger new opportunities of growth and customer engagement.

Our Shipping API suite is designed to tailor-fit your business needs, whether that be carrier ratings for cheaper shipping costs, address verification to avoid erroneous deliveries, tracking to keep an eye on the exact whereabouts or much more. If you have any questions regarding our intelligent logistics solutions, contact us today!

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