The State of & Pricing Outlook of the Less than Truckload Shipping Market

This is a must-read for shippers who are either LTL shipping pros, new LTL shippers who are needing education, or those moving more freight to the LTL mode as Full Truckload feels the capacity crunch squeeze. By Cerasis

November 14, 2018

The Less Than Truckload Shipping Market Outlook

Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight is in the midst of a boom. Market conditions are favorable for continued growth.

The state of LTL freight offers a grand opportunity to overcome the significant obstacles created through economic growth, e-commerce, and global markets.

Average weight per shipment is up for the sixth consecutive quarter, reports Jeff Berman of Logistics Management, and economic growth.

The Overall State of LTL Freight Market Is Growing

Use of LTL freight increased in response to shortening supply chains, emphasis on smaller, lighter loaders, tight capacity, and growth in e-commerce and the economy, says John D. Schultz of Supply Chain 24/7.

Pricing compared to fall 2017 reveals a 10-percent average increase in LTL freight rates.

What You’ll Learn in this Less Than Truckload Shipping Market White Paper

  • The Current State of the Less than Truckload Shipping Market
  • An LTL Market Analysis: Other Factors Affecting Rates and Capacity
  • What is the LTL Freight Rate Outlook

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