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GlobalTranz Appoints Executive Chairman Bob Farrell as Chief Executive Officer
GlobalTranz Chief Executive Officer Renee Krug is leaving the company, Bob Farrell, GlobalTranz executive chairman, and former CEO will step back in to fill the role.

Amazon’s Drone Delivery Hits Milestone with Federal Aviation Administration Clearance
Retail behemoth took a big leap toward delivering goods from the sky by becoming one of only a handful of companies certified by the U.S. government to operate as a drone airline.

Digital Supply Chain: The Landscape, Trends, Types, and the Application in Supply Chain Management
In this e-book, you will learn what is the digital supply chain, what is the state of the digital supply chain, and what are the trends and technologies, as well as the application for a more effective supply chain management process.

Walmart’s Bid for TikTok Could Benefit the Retail Giant’s Ecommerce and Advertising Businesses
Walmart's move is part of a broader play to bring more shoppers, advertisers, vendors into the fold as the lines between content and commerce continue to blur.

The State of Ecommerce Logistics Heading into 2020 Peak Delivery Season
Successful ecommerce strategies for managing the demands of peak season revolve around how well an organization understands the state of ecommerce itself and its implications for capacity.

Bringing Omnichannel to the Forefront of Ecommerce
This white paper is a must read for those who are looking to go omnichannel with their supply chain and want to understand that a major part of that strategy is in the ecommerce channel.

FedEx’s Fred Smith Optimistic About Economic Recovery as Ecommerce Business Booms
FedEx Corp. is seeing a recovery of industrial shipments and hiring 4,000 workers a week to handle a flood of e-commerce packages, making Chief Executive Officer Fred Smith “more optimistic than most” about an economic rebound.

Amazon Acquires Autonomous Technology Company Zoox Inc has agreed to pay over $1 billion to buy self-driving startup Zoox Inc, a move that will expand the e-commerce giant's reach in autonomous-vehicle transportation technology.

The Global State of Last Mile (COVID-19) Distribution in 2020
The only way to survive and thrive in this omnichannel, contactless era lies in understanding the impacts that are reshaping the state of last-mile distribution in 2020 and what it means for supply chain visibility, use of technology, and growth going forward.

Building the Business Case for Integrated Supply Chain Systems
This educational and informative white paper details how to deploy a usable, flexible, and adaptable transportation management system, or TMS, and how an organization can build the right business case.

Last Mile Health Strategies That Can Help Mitigate Losses During Supply Chain Disruptions
Last-mile health, including e-commerce logistics, suffers irreparable harm when disruptions occur without any mitigation strategies in place, however, technologies have the potential to provide a vaccine for better last-mile health.

Renewed Focus on Logistics Last-Mile Delivery Service during COVID-19 Pandemic Disruption
Improved last-mile delivery services are nothing new, however, major companies around the globe, including Amazon, have re-focused their efforts on improving last-mile delivery services during times of the coronavirus COVID-19 disruptions.

How to Realize the Substantial Benefits of Final Mile Logistics
This white paper, How to Realize the Substantial Benefits of Final Mile Logistics, is a must-read for shippers looking to maximize the logistics of the final mile.

Last-Mile Delivery Really Does Begin with the First Pick from Your Warehouse/Distribution Center
Supply chain leaders that wish to excel in last-mile delivery need to understand why the real value begins with this very first touch-point and how effective first-mile management enhances the entire delivery process.

10 Metrics to Track and Manage Risk in the Global Supply Chain
In today's COVID-19 pandemic environment, figuring out the best way to manage risk is on the minds of shippers and top supply chain leaders, and moreover, the frequency of major disruptions and risks is increasing, especially on the geopolitical front.


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