The Current and Future State of Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Executives see a large gap between the current state of digital transformation across their extended global value chains and what they expect to see in just five years from now.

This paper provides the results of a global research study conducted by Capgemini Consulting and GT Nexus.

The study surveyed 337 executives from some of the largest global manufacturing and retail organizations from 20 different countries around the world – largely from Europe and North America.

There’s a very important change happening throughout the business world.

Organizations are at the start of a race to Digitally Transform their supply chains.

Many have already started the effort, but frustration with the progress so far runs high.

Within just 5 short years, organizations expect dramatic improvements in their processes, from automation to better collaboration, all enabled by technologies like supply chain visibility, big data analytics, and the cloud.

In order to cross the finish line, organizations need to critically asses and evaluate opportunities within their own organizations, as well as with their partners.

Respondents in this survey envision a future where supply chain data flows more freely between all parts of the supply chain.

That data will be used to make stronger business decisions, and the information exchange between partners will make business relationships between manufacturers, retailers, and their suppliers far more collaborative and strategic than ever before.

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