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Powering the Industrial Process With Digital Data
Digital expertise is just one click away—secure your download and spearhead the transformation!

The Top 5 Supply Chain Planning Myths
It's time to cast off the long-held myths about supply chain planning and digital transformation that have paralyzed your business and enter a new era. In this eBook we debunk the top 5 most limiting assumptions and outline the supply chain planning model of the future.

The “Multi-Multi” Supply Chain Problem That No One Is Talking About
In this white paper, we examine why the average organization is losing significant profits from supply chain disruptions and why we need to understand the deeper problem to change the outcome.

Building a Solid Foundation for S&OP
Digitization, sparked by the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), the expanding number of connected devices and big data, is driving a shift in consumerism. Your company needs to keep pace, or risk falling behind forever. The reality of running a profitable global business now requires speed and agility in both strategic and execution planning. It’s time to move beyond the siloed S&OP practices of the past and build a solid foundation that will easily carry you...

Colgate-Palmolive deploys decision intelligence as part of its digital transformation
The CPG leader chooses Aera Technology to accelerate complex decisions for its pet nutrition division

2023 Digital Transformation Report
In this 2023 Digital Transformation Report, we share insights gained from our annual research on technology trends and digital transformation and explore the top 2023 enterprise resource planning systems and industry development.

The State of Digital Transformation
This White Paper Report combines our research findings with insights into what transformation truly entails – plus, guidance from our data and digital mavens to ensure your company is on the right course.

What’s keeping the supply chain C-Suite up at night?
EY’s Sumit Dutta talks about the priorities driving strategy in the supply chain C-Suite

Six Digital Supply Chain Trends That Are Happening Now
Here are some of the top digital supply chain trends that shippers need to understand and leverage as they continue along the path of transformation.

When It Comes to Digital Transformation You May Not Be Doing What You Think
If your company is like most, it has invested a lot in legacy systems, and those who routinely modernize pour money into upgrading their individual systems believing these systems are good at what they do and the most practical option for keeping abreast, but they're not for the long term, so it's extremely important to start now on a transformation because it’s tough to get there.

Kimberly-Clark turns to EARL to manage order bunching
The CPG giant is applying AI to optimize transportation from its plants to its DCs.

VDC Research seeks respondents for study into digital transformation of ports and terminals
Leaders who work with technology solutions at ports and marine terminals are invited to participate. Those who complete survey will get access to a report summary and a chance at an Amazon gift card drawing.

Future-ready your workforce on The Rebound Podcast.
On this episode, Ashok Viswanathan details the steps required upskill your workforce for the digital supply chain.

Learn about Digital SCOR on The Rebound Podcast
ASCM’s Peter Bolstorff discusses the SCOR capabilities that enable digital transformation

Digital Transformation for the Supply Chain
Businesses must respond to a new digital, agile and resilient reality, but the key question for their leaders becomes to what extent are today’s supply chain initiatives aligned with broader digital transformation?


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Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
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